At long last, it is time to tell the many many other Legends of the Death Race. This has been a long time coming. When I first began writing the book version of the Legend of the Death Race, I started to collect other people’s “legends” and I was planning to include them in the first iteration of the book, but as I compiled just my story, I quickly realized I already had a story that would span some 300 standard book size pages. With that knowledege, I decided I need to cut everyone elses story out and just focus on my point of view for the book. While that was a good solution for the book, it left me pondering for many day and nights how the hell could I tell all the different perspectives and legends from this legendary event?

While I was climbing to the top of Red Mountain on April 4, 2019 the idea dawned on me. I was descending some wicked terrian and suddenly the the idea of hosting a podcast to tell these stories came to me. Now, this wasn’t the first time I had thought about it, but it was the first time it really occured to me that this would be the perfect medium to share everyone else’s legend. With this podcast you will get more insight and more legends of the Death Race that will provide you a small glimpse into the minds that chase death in the mountains of Vermont, and even on the volcanos of Mexico.

Tune in Thursday mornings for new episodes. Thanks for listening!

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