The SISU 24 PNW – A New Adventure For the Pacific Northwest

February 27, 2019By Tony MatesiNews, Race Reviews No Comments

ADVENTURE AWAITS It’s been a while since I’ve been the Race Director for an event, but once again I’m back to challenging others to push beyond their perceived limits by providing them a platform through which to test themselves. I’m quite excited for this opportunity to bring this event format to my backyard, you see, … Read More

Enter the Mojave Death Race – 254 Miles of Team Bonding

January 19, 2019By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Race Reviews No Comments

On June 2nd, 2018, I joined seven other endurance junkies in the Mojave Desert for what was promised to be one hell of a race, I mean, this was June, in the Mojave Desert, that’s not just a bad pun, it’s the reality we were living. With temperatures approaching 105 degrees, it’s pretty darn close … Read More

The Continued Rise of the Short Course: Tough Mudder X – Sacramento Edition

April 1, 2018By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

For as long as I can remember, a large swath of us obstacle racers has been begging for a short course. Hobie Call tried to get one going Junyong Pak did too, and one of the best I’ve done, Alpha Warrior, had an incredible one but they couldn’t sustain (but seem to be trying to … Read More


December 12, 2017By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

December 2-3, 2017 What better way to celebrate my 32nd birthday and my return to racing other than a 24-hour adventure run in Monrovia, CA, a place where I can do hood-rat stuff with my friends? I couldn’t think of a better way to do what I love, so I reached out to my good … Read More

10 Lessons From My First 100 Mile Ultra Marathon – Peak Races

June 6, 2014By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Originally, I had planned on running the 50 mile option for the Peak Races Ultra Marathon up in the beautiful Green Mountain Trails. When I signed up this past winter for the race, I believe it was around the middle of November while visiting Joe De Sena, Miguel Medina and Andy Weinberg up in their … Read More

Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer – Camp Eagle – Dead Last

December 2, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Continuing on the trail I eventually came to a section of single track trail. I remember catching up to Paul who had run back to make sure he was on the right path because he hadn’t seen a trail marker in a long time. I was standing directly underneath one as he approached and assured … Read More

Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer – Camp Eagle: Because I Can

November 24, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

The further away from the cabin I found myself going, the more cruel I felt Josue was. At times I found it difficult to wrap my head around how I found myself here. Why did I sign up for this race? Why do I continue to put myself through these ridiculous challenges that bring out … Read More

Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer – Camp Eagle: Fire Makers

November 6, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

After realizing my knife was missing I just about lost it – my mind, that is. At first I was cursing myself, “Now what the fuck are you going to do?” Then I was questioning myself, “How will you finish? Are you going to have to make your own knife out of stones?” Honestly, I … Read More

Spartan Race Stadium Series Miller Park Sprint

November 6, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Entering the Miller Park Stadium I could sense that this was not like your ordinary Spartan Race. It was unlike any other Spartan Race event I have attended. It just felt different. I arrived around 7:00AM and had to do a lot before it was time to race. I went straight to bag check and … Read More

Spartan Race Nebraska – Hurricane Heat

November 4, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

This year has been riddled with races being postponed and many have been cancelled. I signed up for Spartan Race Nebraska when it was first announced but as the months went on and I discovered new races I had switched my plans and I was supposed to run the Alpha Warrior race in Texas.  This … Read More