Indiana Spartan Sprint – Hardest Sprint Yet…

May 3, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

Founders Race Just a year ago a group of us Midwestern folk were pushing hard to bring a Spartan Race Spartan Sprint to Indiana. At the time the only Spartan Race was in IL and the rest were either on the East or West coast. With a lot of help from the Corn Fed Spartans … Read More

Gladiator Assault Challenge – Snow Edition

April 25, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

Another week and another obstacle race to test my progress since my surgery November 30th. This time I was racing up in Wisconsin for the my third appearance at the Gladiator Assault Challenge. This race has become one of the races that I look forward to every time it comes around. The obstacles, challenges, distance, … Read More

Vegas Super Spartan Race – All In

April 16, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 1 Comment

Returning to the Obstacle Racing world as an athlete and competitor has been one of my primary goals ever since I elected to have the labrum in my left shoulder repaired by Dr. Mark Bowen. Since then it has been an upward battle with myself to redevelop my strength and flexibility, still a work in … Read More

Winter Death Race: Frozen

February 23, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Race Reviews 3 Comments

My last minute presence at the Winter Death Race was the result of social media networking’s ability to unite likeminded individuals. About a week out from the race I was considering driving up to Vermont from Chicago all by my lonesome…and then…it hit me, Facebook post! I simply put out a request asking if anyone … Read More

Winter Death Race Recaps

February 11, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Race Reviews No Comments

It’s been over a week since driving out to Vermont to provide coverage for Obstacle Racing Magazine’s Facebook page and to witness what would be my next story for our second issue of the magazine – be sure to subscribe at –  at the Winter Death Race. Not only was I there to be … Read More

Midwest Super Spartan Race – Best Obstacle Race of the Year?

November 4, 2012By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

It’s been difficult finding where to even begin in regards to the weekend of non-stop obstacle racing fun. Just a year ago, I was attending my first ever Spartan Race. I had been emailing back and fourth with Tommy Mac trying to gauge how difficult this obstacle race would be in comparison to the Warrior … Read More

Indiana Spartan Race Founder’s Obstacle Race – The Perfect Holiday Gift

October 25, 2012By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 1 Comment

Obstacle Race season is coming to an end for me this weekend.  Friday night I will be heading down to the Spartan Race Super Spartan in Marseilles, IL. This is where it all began last year. Sure I started my obstacle racing a few years back with the Men’s Health Urbanathlon and I really got … Read More

Super Ultra Beast – Part 3: It’s Not All About the Finish

October 9, 2012By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

Setting out for that second lap was extremely difficult.  Within minutes I found myself alone, which generally I am quite used to.  During this long of a race, being alone can turn into the beginning of the end.  As I ascended that mountainside once again I could just barely hear the sound of voices not … Read More

Super Ultra Beast – Part 2: Always Finish What You Start

October 3, 2012By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

Almost 26 minutes passed before our Race Director arrived on the scene, developed a solution and we were presented our options for how to proceed with the obstacle race of the year.  The Ultra Beast left us with tough decisions to make and little time to evaluate. Our options were as follows: continue the race … Read More

Super Ultra Beast – Part 1: Going Above and Beyond

September 29, 2012By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

After months of anticipating this race, it was finally here, The Spartan Race Ultra Beast.  My father tagged along with me for this trip so we woke up at 4am on Friday morning, Sept 21st. We arrived in Boston around 10am and wasted an hour trying to get our rental car situation sorted out, and … Read More