The Most Important Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed to Conquer the Spartan Death Race

April 23, 2019By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Product Reviews No Comments

Gear is a fickle thing, everyone has their own personal preferences. The one thing that is universal however when it comes to having the right gear is that you ALWAYS want to make sure you purchase QUALITY gear. You don’t just want something that’s going to get the job done, you want something that will … Read More

Enter the Mojave Death Race – 254 Miles of Team Bonding

January 19, 2019By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Race Reviews No Comments

On June 2nd, 2018, I joined seven other endurance junkies in the Mojave Desert for what was promised to be one hell of a race, I mean, this was June, in the Mojave Desert, that’s not just a bad pun, it’s the reality we were living. With temperatures approaching 105 degrees, it’s pretty darn close … Read More

Georgia Death Race – Ya’ll Are too Nice for this to be a Death Race

June 4, 2018By Tony MatesiDeath Race 2 Comments

On March 31, 2018, I spent 19hrs and 42 mins running through the mountains of Georgia. After covering some 74 miles and change with somewhere around 18k feet of ascent and 22k feet of descent, I found myself capturing 67th place, not bad for dealing with a ton of issues in my hip, piriformis, and … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 12 – Skulls

December 26, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

In the heat of the day, I barely knew which way was up and which way was ground.  What should have been running became more of hobble as I shifted the weight of my pack back and forth to move with some sense of purpose; as I approached the White Barn with a few other … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 11 – The Final Hours

October 25, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

Once we had removed our bodies the frigid waters, we were sent back to school. We had one last game to play before we sat down for “class time”. Once we gathered in the backyard, we were pitted against one another in an all-out race on our hands and knees. Without putting too much thought … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 10 – A Tale of Two Buses

September 8, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

I was standing in a diaper and a Tyvek suit with somewhere between 50 and 100 other idiots, I mean athletes (Who am I kidding? We’re idiots, we paid to do this) standing around in a diaper, in a Tyvek suit. By the way, did you enjoy that full frontal “getting dressed and interviewed” action shot? … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 9 – Comin’ in Hot

August 8, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

This is it; this is where the fun began. For the next 7-8 hours or so we would be tasked with doing laps up and down Joe’s mountain from the White Barn to Shrek’s Cabin, and back again. Just as the racers did at previous Winter Death Races, but I was on the other side … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 8 – Endless Yoga

June 30, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

Having made up a lot of time with our strategy we found ourselves beating the 4PM cut-off by four hours. As I recall, we were somewhere in the middle of teams who finished. After a quick refresh at basecamp it was right back to it with the next challenge. Next up, we found ourselves back … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 7 – A Ravine and a Cemetery

April 21, 2016By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

Back at Riverside, we were briefed on the next task, which could be completed in teams. I opted to wait for my friends to make their way back to the White Barn before embarking on this next challenge. Everyone was given until 1600 hours to complete this task. The biggest relief was that we did … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 6 – Charred Axes and A Bucket Full of Lies

June 25, 2015By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

Adorning my freshly-made “buckskin”garb I gathered my gear, and after meticulously crafting the aforementioned buckskin outfit with 108 stitches and completing the tedious task of sliding a porcupine quill through my log, my load was lightened considerably. I no longer needed the log, so I was allowed to toss it in the fire near the … Read More