Every year I like to put together a schedule of all the obstacle races, adventure races, and other events I would like to attend. Usually I will not attend every single event by time the end of the year comes. This just serves as a nice way for me to compile all the races I have the most interest in and from there I try to sign up for the ones that best suit me, my schedule, and my budget. My 2012 Schedule was filled with a lot more events than I was able to attend and I assume the same will go for my 2013 Schedule as I begin to build it out. For 2013 I plan to add a couple Ultra Marathons to the list so I can branch out a bit more from the Obstacle races and begin to test myself in new ways. As always I will be primarily training fro the Death Race, that I believe will become the highlight of my year. It is the most grueling, challenging, and rewarding event, race, etc. that I have ever participated in and it completely changed my life.