Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer – Camp Eagle: Primal Beings

November 1, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

As I trudged through the river I could see we were nearing the large cabin area, the same place where the race began, I knew the water was about to become deeper and swimming with our logs as opposed to walking with them would become my ultimate challenge. My panic began to rise again. Without … Read More

Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer – Camp Eagle: It Begins…

October 19, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Before the race even began we had to start off with a challenge. Sorry, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Allow me to back up a bit. Corinne and I arrived at Camp Eagle on Thursday evening after getting lost. Thanks, Siri. We wound up at the backdoor entrance to Camp Eagle. This inconvenience forced … Read More

Spartan Race World Championships – Beast

October 16, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

The World Championships of Spartan Race arrived more casually than I had anticipated. For such a big event, I suppose I expected the day to arrive more dramatically. This would be my third appearance at the Spartan Race World Championships, my first taking place in Texas December of 2011, last year I was here in Vermont … Read More

Spartan Race – Wintergreen Mountain Virginia

August 26, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

Just over a week before the Virginia Spartan Race I found myself itching. I needed my fix. I decided waiting until the World Championships at Killington for the Beast/Ultra Beast combo was WAY too long to wait until my next Spartan Race. Yes, it’s true, I have an addictive personality and it might be out … Read More

Hard Charge Chicago/Milwaukee Televised Obstacle Race

August 26, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

I was invited to take on the Hard Charge Chicago/Milwaukee course, since I had nothing planned that weekend and it was close to home I just had to give the first ever Televised Obstacle Race a go. Before starting the race I was given a GoPro Hero 3 camera to wear on my head along … Read More

Spartan Race Sprint Championships – Pacific Northwest

August 14, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Two weeks after contracting the now infamous Spartan Rash I was back out for another Spartan Race in Washougal, WA. Why would I go back to a Spartan Race after suffering from super-itchy-itis for two whole weeks? Because that’s what you do. This sport is bound to cause some wounds, I have more scars than … Read More

Midwest Super Spartan Race – Curse of the Ivy

August 7, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

The Spartan Race once again returned to the Midwest. This would mark my third appearance at this event but for once it would not be in the middle of a very cold Midwest October like it typically was scheduled for. After last year’s race Spartan Race moved the event to the end of July, most … Read More

Alpha Warrior – Pure Obstacle Racing

June 20, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

After finding out that Alpha Warrior was going to be taking place in San Diego the week after my Spartan Group X Training I just knew I had to sign up for this race that looked very similar to what you would see on Sasuke or better known here as American Ninja Warrior. A race … Read More

Texas Spartan Sprint – Obstacle Racing for Runners

May 21, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

Another last minute trip that thankfully came together quite well thanks to’s Name Your Price feature and I was on my way to another weekend filled with Obstacle Racing. When I first checked flights on Tuesday before the second Legend of the Death Race Adventure Race they were all in the $600-700 price range … Read More

Colorado Spartan Sprint – Obstacle Heavy Racing

May 14, 2013By Tony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Another weekend and another Reebok Spartan Race event in the books. This time to get my obstacle racing fix I flew out to Colorado, a state I’ve only driven through at night and seen from the the Denver Airport. After this weekend my love for this sport, the Spartan Race series, and everything that comes … Read More