Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer – Camp Eagle: It Begins…

October 19, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Before the race even began we had to start off with a challenge. Sorry, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Allow me to back up a bit. Corinne and I arrived at Camp Eagle on Thursday evening after getting lost. Thanks, Siri. We wound up at the backdoor entrance to Camp Eagle. This inconvenience forced … Read More

Spartan Race World Championships – Beast

October 16, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

The World Championships of Spartan Race arrived more casually than I had anticipated. For such a big event, I suppose I expected the day to arrive more dramatically. This would be my third appearance at the Spartan Race World Championships, my first taking place in Texas December of 2011, last year I was here in Vermont … Read More

Spartan Race – Wintergreen Mountain Virginia

August 26, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

Just over a week before the Virginia Spartan Race I found myself itching. I needed my fix. I decided waiting until the World Championships at Killington for the Beast/Ultra Beast combo was WAY too long to wait until my next Spartan Race. Yes, it’s true, I have an addictive personality and it might be out … Read More

Hard Charge Chicago/Milwaukee Televised Obstacle Race

August 26, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

I was invited to take on the Hard Charge Chicago/Milwaukee course, since I had nothing planned that weekend and it was close to home I just had to give the first ever Televised Obstacle Race a go. Before starting the race I was given a GoPro Hero 3 camera to wear on my head along … Read More

Spartan Race Sprint Championships – Pacific Northwest

August 14, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Two weeks after contracting the now infamous Spartan Rash I was back out for another Spartan Race in Washougal, WA. Why would I go back to a Spartan Race after suffering from super-itchy-itis for two whole weeks? Because that’s what you do. This sport is bound to cause some wounds, I have more scars than … Read More

Midwest Super Spartan Race – Curse of the Ivy

August 7, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

The Spartan Race once again returned to the Midwest. This would mark my third appearance at this event but for once it would not be in the middle of a very cold Midwest October like it typically was scheduled for. After last year’s race Spartan Race moved the event to the end of July, most … Read More

Alpha Warrior – Pure Obstacle Racing

June 20, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

After finding out that Alpha Warrior was going to be taking place in San Diego the week after my Spartan Group X Training I just knew I had to sign up for this race that looked very similar to what you would see on Sasuke or better known here as American Ninja Warrior. A race … Read More

Texas Spartan Sprint – Obstacle Racing for Runners

May 21, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

Another last minute trip that thankfully came together quite well thanks to’s Name Your Price feature and I was on my way to another weekend filled with Obstacle Racing. When I first checked flights on Tuesday before the second Legend of the Death Race Adventure Race they were all in the $600-700 price range … Read More

Colorado Spartan Sprint – Obstacle Heavy Racing

May 14, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews No Comments

Another weekend and another Reebok Spartan Race event in the books. This time to get my obstacle racing fix I flew out to Colorado, a state I’ve only driven through at night and seen from the the Denver Airport. After this weekend my love for this sport, the Spartan Race series, and everything that comes … Read More

Indiana Spartan Sprint – Hardest Sprint Yet…

May 3, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

Founders Race Just a year ago a group of us Midwestern folk were pushing hard to bring a Spartan Race Spartan Sprint to Indiana. At the time the only Spartan Race was in IL and the rest were either on the East or West coast. With a lot of help from the Corn Fed Spartans … Read More