Legend of the Death Race – Part 2: The Ultimate Trial of Mind, Body, and Spirit Begins

June 29, 2012By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, News, Race Reviews, Story 1 Comment

The “Hints” briefing was fairly short, I even maneuvered myself further and further from the crowd as I realized nothing too serious was actually going to be revealed. One thing they did tell us that I actually believed was that we should wear shorts that night. If there is one thing important to learn about the Death … Read More

Legend of the Death Race – Part 1: Everything Leading Up to the Race

June 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, News, Race Reviews, Story 1 Comment

It’s Wednesday evening (June 13, 2012). My bags, they’re fully packed, this is actually something I pride myself in when traveling…98% of the time I can pack very quickly without missing a thing. This time it’s different however, the nerves have settled in so much so that I am scrambling all around the house frantically … Read More

S.E.R.E. Brings A New Meaning To Team

May 16, 2012By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 2 Comments

I had intentions of treating this challenge like all others, training to prepare me for the ultimate challenge – the Spartan Death Race. I previously completed another similar endurance event on St. Patty’s Day, the GoRuck Challenge, both would help prepare me for the long hours. The major difference that set the two events apart … Read More

GoRuck Yourself!!! A St. Patricks Day I’ll Forever Remember

April 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 5 Comments

Yes, this post took me a while to come out with. I wanted to make sure I actually had enough time to sit down and write a well thought out evaluation of what transpired. GoRuck Challenge, for those of you wondering what this event consists of, is developed by Green Beret’s. It is a challenge … Read More