Welcome to the Legend of the Death Race Podcast, where you’ll hear the legends of past Death Racers, new and old.

In the twenty-sixth episode of the podcast, we have the legend of Ella Kociuba, one of the youngest competitors to toe the line at a Death Race, winner of the 2011 Spartan Race World Championships, and all-around badass. Ella competed in five Death Races and has overcome some serious obstacles in her life, including the discovery that her spine never fused to her sacrum after an accident during her endurance horse racing days. No matter how many obstacles this young woman has faced, she’s come back stronger. A proponent of visualization, Ella share’s how she overcame this traumatic experience and has continued to excel in everything she does, including her newest endeavor, becoming a tattoo artist. Be sure to tune in to hear more of Ella’s legend. Enjoy the show, and thank you for listening!

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