Book Review: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

March 19, 2018By Tony MatesiBook Club No Comments

Ego is the Enemy Author: Ryan HolidayBuy it on Amazon: Book | Audiobook Quick Summary: In Ryan Holiday’s book, Ego is Enemy, Ryan takes a deep dive into the cyclical life of ego. You see, at any given time in life, we’re aspiring to something, we have achieved success, or we have failed and through … Read More

The Legend of the Mailbox

March 2, 2018By Tony MatesiMotivation, Workouts 1 Comment

Moving to Washington state has probably been one of the best decisions of life, the access to nature, and mountains, and trails are limitless and as a result, I’m training more (happily) than I ever have before. One of my favorite things to do for training, now that I have access, is to find some … Read More

What I Learned About My Keto Diet from InsideTracker

February 27, 2018By Tony MatesiNutrition No Comments

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you may have seen that I’ve gone keto, if you haven’t you can get the whole scoop here. In my attempt to become a more efficient, energetic, and ultimately, a faster endurance athlete I’ve been working on a lot of tweaks to how I approach endurance events, such … Read More

5 Self Improvement Books to Read for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

February 13, 2018By Tony MatesiBook Club 2 Comments

Every year I make it a point to read at the very least a few new books, I won’t say I read the most but it is in my practice to read at least a few educational, self-improvement, business, and fictional books throughout each year. Of those books, there are always a few key standouts … Read More

Why I’m Going Keto (Ketogenic Diet) to Train for Ultra Endurance Events

January 24, 2018By Tony MatesiNutrition 3 Comments

It didn’t take long for me to notice a new trend emerging in the endurance community. Within one week I had heard from five or six of my friends about how they were “going keto” and suddenly I was intrigued as to why all my friends were flocking to this dietary change. For the longest … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 12 – Skulls

December 26, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

In the heat of the day, I barely knew which way was up and which way was ground.  What should have been running became more of hobble as I shifted the weight of my pack back and forth to move with some sense of purpose; as I approached the White Barn with a few other … Read More


December 12, 2017By Tony MatesiRace Reviews 3 Comments

December 2-3, 2017 What better way to celebrate my 32nd birthday and my return to racing other than a 24-hour adventure run in Monrovia, CA, a place where I can do hood-rat stuff with my friends? I couldn’t think of a better way to do what I love, so I reached out to my good … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 11 – The Final Hours

October 25, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

Once we had removed our bodies the frigid waters, we were sent back to school. We had one last game to play before we sat down for “class time”. Once we gathered in the backyard, we were pitted against one another in an all-out race on our hands and knees. Without putting too much thought … Read More

MEGA UPDATE | 9-24-17

September 24, 2017By Tony MatesiNews No Comments

Good day Legends, Short version: I’m updating the website and I’ve got a lot of changes coming so bear with me and consider supporting this site by clicking on ads or donating. The website might be down here and there over the next week. It’ll be back soon. I thank you for your continued support. … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 3: Part 10 – A Tale of Two Buses

September 8, 2017By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

I was standing in a diaper and a Tyvek suit with somewhere between 50 and 100 other idiots, I mean athletes (Who am I kidding? We’re idiots, we paid to do this) standing around in a diaper, in a Tyvek suit. By the way, did you enjoy that full frontal “getting dressed and interviewed” action shot? … Read More