Stillness is the Key

Author: Ryan Holiday

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Quick Summary:

Stillness is the Key is positioned as the third book in a trilogy on stoic principles and is a follow up to The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy (my book review here). The idea is that these three books as a collection present us with: the Way, the Enemy, and the Key. In Stillness is the Key, Ryan uses stories that show how and where stillness has been used as a means for reaching our highest potential. Holiday looks at Buddhism, Stoicism, Epicureanism, Christianity, Hinduism, and countless other philosophical schools and religions to show that it is all but impossible to find one that doesn’t revere this inner peace—this stillness—as the highest good and as the key to a thriving, meaningful life.

He uses examples from the likes of Tiger Woods, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jordan, as well as Marcus Aurelius, The Bhagavad Gita, and Leonardo da Vinci to extrapolate on this concept that stillness is, in fact, the key. Throughout the book, Holiday not only builds his case for why stillness is the key, but also way to bring stillness into your own life. The entire book is broken up into three sections, Mind, Spirit, and Body.

Why Read It?:

We all need a little stillness in our life. Probably even more now than ever before. With stillness we can do the work that is necessary to create the self-improvement in ourselves that allows us to reach your maximum potential. When we practice stillness we are able to harness that stillness in the most challenging situations, when we are under the most pressure. By leveraging the ability to tap into that stillness at a any time under any circumstance can aid you in making the right decisions and ultimately it could even save your life. I recommend reading this book, along with the other two in the trilogy as a way to develop a framework for how to live your best life. You must face obstacles head-on and view them as the way and not as a hindrance you must keep your ego in check because it is, in fact, the enemy and can and often does lead to the demise of many. Finally, you must find stillness if you are to face all the obstacles and do the work to keep your ego in check. With stillnesss, you can unlock happiness.

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