Ego is the Enemy

Author: Ryan Holiday
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Quick Summary:

In Ryan Holiday's book, Ego is Enemy, Ryan takes a deep dive into the cyclical life of ego. You see, at any given time in life, we’re aspiring to something, we have achieved success, or we have failed and through that process, the ego will grow and the ego will be crushed, if left unchecked. By using historical figures - both successful and unsuccessful - past and present, Holiday demonstrates what can happen when the ego is allowed to run wild. The Ego, truly is, the enemy. These stories are about politicians, professional athletes and business leaders that experienced the often jarring lessons of what happens when the menacing side of ego takes control. Ryan also shares anecdotes about brilliant silent workers who didn't have a massive ego but went on to create remarkable changes in the world while remaining unknown.

Why Read It?

If you're on a journey of self-improvement, you'll want to read this book. We all have an ego, to varying degrees and it's important for us to develop a self-awareness of our own ego, to take notes on where it's at, and when necessary to keep it in check. This book will help you understand the ego, what can go wrong when it's allowed to grow wildly without direction or self-restraint, and hopefully will provide you with some ways to evaluate your own ego and give you the reminder to periodically check your ego at the door. The best lesson that can be taken from this book is being able to develop an awareness for controlling your ego so you can get on with achieving the level of success that you aspire to. 

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