2013 Death Race Gear and Prep Guide

June 4, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race 1 Comment

Preparing for the Death Race is silly. No, but really, you’ll never truly be prepared. As silly as it is, however, there are a lot of things that are essential to being successful at the Death Race. Proper care of your body is the most important and exceedingly important is the strength and fortitude of … Read More

The Human Death Race Documentary Update

June 3, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, News 2 Comments

Have you seen any of The Human Death Race Documentary updates on the website lately? You HAVEN’T?! The Human Death Race Documentary is capturing all areas of the Death Race. Straight from the documentary description, “Now, for the first time, the thrilling intensity of the annual Death Race is revealed. We examine the psychological process of … Read More

The Human Death Race Documentary

April 19, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, News 1 Comment

When I was at the Winter Death Race this year covering for Obstacle Racing Magazine there was a film crew there, they were putting together a documentary about the Death Race. Brandi Knight and her team at 100th Monkey Productions are looking to finish the documentary by revisiting the Death Race again this summer. To finish … Read More

Winter Death Race: Frozen

February 23, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Race Reviews 3 Comments

My last minute presence at the Winter Death Race was the result of social media networking’s ability to unite likeminded individuals. About a week out from the race I was considering driving up to Vermont from Chicago all by my lonesome…and then…it hit me, Facebook post! I simply put out a request asking if anyone … Read More

Winter Death Race Recaps

February 11, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Race Reviews No Comments

It’s been over a week since driving out to Vermont to provide coverage for Obstacle Racing Magazine’s Facebook page and to witness what would be my next story for our second issue of the magazine – be sure to subscribe at www.obstacleracingmagazine.com –  at the Winter Death Race. Not only was I there to be … Read More

Death Race: How to Obtain Media Requirement

January 15, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

In the past few days this question has popped up in several places, Facebook chat, various Spartan groups and I’m sure many others who are signed up for the 2013 Summer Death Race who have not fulfilled the media requirement have questions as well. Making Contact One of the most difficult parts of this task … Read More

Death Race – Global News 16×9 TV Documentary

October 20, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

While we were out there at the Death Race there was a TV crew from Canada that was following three fellow Death Racers, Johnny Waite, Dan Grodinsky, and Don Schwartz.  They just aired the footage during a segment on 16×9, a Canadian news program, showcasing these three incredible athletes and what everyone went through during that … Read More