When I was at the Winter Death Race this year covering for Obstacle Racing Magazine there was a film crew there, they were putting together a documentary about the Death Race. Brandi Knight and her team at 100th Monkey Productions are looking to finish the documentary by revisiting the Death Race again this summer. To finish this documentary they are looking for backers on Kickstarter. They will return to Pittsfield, VT this summer if they make their goal by May 14, 2013. This could be one of the most fascinating documentaries that actually digs into the physique of all the lunatics, myself included, that take on this seemingly impossible race in the mountains of Vermont every year. I ask that all of you who love this sport, and want to know more about the Death Race from a much more gritty and raw perspective to donate what you can to this documentary. I anxiously await the Death Race and cannot wait to host the Legend of the Death Race again this May where we will be breaking people one month before the Death Race to teach them and prepare them for what Joe and Andy have waiting for us in Vermont. I’ll see you out there, and so will Joe and Andy.

Joe and Andy - CoFounders of the Death Race
Joe and Andy – CoFounders of the Death Race

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