Death Race 2011: What My Future Holds

May 16, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, News No Comments

Many of my readers already know what the Death Race is and what it involves, many are still trying to grasp what this insanity is all about. Here is a video from CNN that was taken at last years Spartan Death Race, hopefully it’ll shed some light on what all this training is leading up … Read More

Prep for an Overnight Adventure – S.E.R.E. Pre Game

May 11, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, News No Comments

Okay so I have another overnight adventure commencing in approximately 13.5HRS. We’ve been provided a gear list which I pasted below. I woke up 3 hours ago, packed what I was concerned with having the second I woke up and then I got myself ready for another day at the office, but not before making … Read More

Early Morning and Lunchtime Workout Combo

May 6, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts No Comments

Due to my injured foot from the Indiana Sprint and the shoulder that won’t heal (since New Years) I’ve had to scale back my workouts the past two weeks more than I’d have liked to. Hell I don’t like that I’ve had to scale them back at all but I have to try to let … Read More

Motivation from Buddha

April 23, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Motivation No Comments

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures tha the final victory comes.” – Buddha If there is one thing I learned this weekend at the Spartan Sprint in Indiana during my two back to back laps, it was that my endurance is one of my strong … Read More

Extra! Extra! Daily Herald Article Posted

April 23, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, News No Comments

After waiting over a month for the article to be published it’s finally here and what great timing after this weekends amazing Spartan Race – Sprint Founders Race! Write up on that coming soon along with GoRuck and others I’ve been slacking on. This is a great day, the threat of having to do a … Read More

Yes, It’s True…I Love Trails!

April 11, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts No Comments

Just got my new pair of Brooks Cascadia 7’s last night and of course I had to give them a go around today as soon as I made it home from work. These are the shoes that as of now I plan to use while competing in the Death Race. There will be an overall … Read More

The 1000 Burpee Challenge

March 4, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts 1 Comment

This weekend a bunch of crazies like myself headed out to the Winter Death Race in Vermont. I did not attend the WDR but I was monitoring their progress and I must say these athletes are all incredible, congrats to everyone who participated especially those who I have had the pleasure of meeting at previous … Read More

Hiking and Chopping Wood

February 15, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts No Comments

If theres two things you can count on doing in the Death Race it’s chopping wood and without question some form of hiking will occur. Why not make a weekend morning afternoon out of it? This past Saturday I did just that but for once I didn’t have to go alone. I met up with … Read More

Aftermath of the Ax and Buckets o’ Gravel

January 10, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts No Comments

Tonight was an interesting night. I have had a bit more tightness in my calves then expected from my run a few days ago, combination of staying on the mid-foot, virtually eliminating my heels from touching the ground and doing more sprints than I’m used to. I began the night with 35 minutes of ripping apart a a few stumps … Read More

Finding the Death Race

January 4, 2012By Tony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

It was nearly 5 years ago when I first began searching for challenges that would not only discipline me but would drive me to find my absolute limits, I started my search by enrolling in Officer candidate school, from there it has been quite an adventure.  The 2012 Death Race will hopefully serve as a … Read More