So I’ve been very absent from posting lately. My bad. Truth is I’ve been too busy living life and training that I haven’t had much time to just sit down and write. I tried to get my write up about S.E.R.E. done while I was resting by the beach one day during my vacation in Hawaii. I still have a lot to write about that one. So heres the scoop, I leave for the race this Thursday. I’m pumped and hope I have all the gear I need…few more purchases to make before I leave, including a pink bathing cap and some knitting needles. Mandatory items…yes, mandatory. I just abide by the don’t ask policy and it’s been working in my favor thus far.

Death Race Gear Packing

I promise after the race I will finish all the posts I have yet to write (hopefully my memory will serve me well on the race reviews). More than likely you’ll get the Death Race review first and then I’ll go back and finish the previous events. As I pack my gear I’ll leave you with this fun little clip we were presented today from the Founders, Joe and Andy. Good luck to all my fellow Death Racers, see you nut-jobs in Pittsfield.

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