Okay so I have another overnight adventure commencing in approximately 13.5HRS. We’ve been provided a gear list which I pasted below. I woke up 3 hours ago, packed what I was concerned with having the second I woke up and then I got myself ready for another day at the office, but not before making an awesome Egg white and toast breakfast for both my sister and I. Good luck on that AP test btw sis! Cheers to a long day of work followed by a night of adventure. The great part about these night events, like the GoRuck I recently posted about is the fatigue testing I get to embrace by not sleeping for well over 24 hrs. I’m thinking we’ll easily hit 37-38hrs before I sleep this round. We’ll see…

One more thing before we look at tonight’s gear list. New posts to come: Spartan Sprint Indiana Founders Race Review, Cascadia 7’s Review (still testing/adjusting), New Balance Minimus Zero Review (just got them, I’ll need a few weeks to test), and a few Death Race updates on my preparations outside of just the physical training.

My idea of being prepared is highlighted in red.
Required Gear List (NO RUCK/SAND will be required)
City Map – know how to get in and out and around.
USG issued ID
Quitters Cash – if you don’t survive you will need a ride home.
White (Crew Neck) T-shirt  *Have to buy during lunch
Head Lamp w/Red & White lens

Recommended Gear List:
back up batteries for head lamp
Cell Phone (know how to water proof if you bring it). *Yay Otterbox!!!
Extra cash – you never know what you may need to acquire or bribe
Camal Bak (pack) – good for hydration source and easy storage of light weight survival items.
Pocket knife/multi-purpose tool
writing gear
waterproof camera with viewable files

In all actuality I think I did pretty decent. There are reasons I’m not bringing quitters cash, but I will have money with me for safety. In terms of gear being worn tonight, compression pants, compression long sleeve, Injinji socks, New Balance Minimus Trail MT10, and BodyGlide!

To all who will be joining me tonight, beware I’m going to all jacked up on 5 Hour Energy and GUs tonight…possibly Mountain Dew too

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