Vegas Super Spartan Race – All In

April 16, 2013By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 1 Comment

Returning to the Obstacle Racing world as an athlete and competitor has been one of my primary goals ever since I elected to have the labrum in my left shoulder repaired by Dr. Mark Bowen. Since then it has been an upward battle with myself to redevelop my strength and flexibility, still a work in … Read More

More Obstacle Race Training in the ATL

September 4, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts 2 Comments

When you are staying with other Obstacle Racers, the obstacle race training never ends.  Sunday morning we, Maureen, Andi and myself, headed over to Matt’s house to have breakfast together. After we all ate we were put to work. We helped Matt gather firewood from a neighbor’s house who was moving away.   Even his lil’ … Read More

Workout of the Day 8-23-12

August 23, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Run just under 9 miles of trails today. Climbed a rope I’ve been eyeing on my walks in the Forest Preserve near my work. Carried a log for a mile and a half starting around mile 6 of my run. Keeping it short and sweet tonight. With the Ultra Beast approaching trying to crank up … Read More

News Update: 2012 DEATH RACE THIS WEEK!

June 10, 2012By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, News No Comments

So I’ve been very absent from posting lately. My bad. Truth is I’ve been too busy living life and training that I haven’t had much time to just sit down and write. I tried to get my write up about S.E.R.E. done while I was resting by the beach one day during my vacation in … Read More

Extra! Extra! Daily Herald Article Posted

April 23, 2012By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, News No Comments

After waiting over a month for the article to be published it’s finally here and what great timing after this weekends amazing Spartan Race – Sprint Founders Race! Write up on that coming soon along with GoRuck and others I’ve been slacking on. This is a great day, the threat of having to do a … Read More

Workout of the Day 4-12-12

April 12, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Today was one of those days where I got home and I was internally battling with myself trying to decide whether or not to run. At the time I walked in the door my family’s dog, Link, was very determined to get someone to take him for a walk. What he’ll do is go jump … Read More

Yes, It’s True…I Love Trails!

April 11, 2012By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts No Comments

Just got my new pair of Brooks Cascadia 7’s last night and of course I had to give them a go around today as soon as I made it home from work. These are the shoes that as of now I plan to use while competing in the Death Race. There will be an overall … Read More

Trail Runs Are My Favorite!

April 9, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

After work today I went on a longer trail run and it was fantastic. Whipping through the trees, dipping, ducking, dodging, and weaving all around its an absolutely amazing feeling that words just cannot do justice. I noticed while I was out that hills are becoming less of a terror… I’ve made it a point … Read More

Workout of the Day 4-3-12

April 3, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Tonight I went for a speedy run, the first lap I pushed my self to alternate between sprinting and race pace. My overall results made me happy. I finished the day with 100 air squats, 100 v-ups, and 5 minutes of planking. It’s your turn now. Get out there and do a workout, make it … Read More

Workout of the Day 3-28-12

March 29, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Well today felt almost like Christmas, my new Fiskars x27 Axe arrived today along with some KT Tape which is used to help minor injuries such as shin splints! So the workout I originally planned was immediately scrapped in favor of taking my new axe out and swinging it at all the wood stumps I … Read More