Today was one of those days where I got home and I was internally battling with myself trying to decide whether or not to run. At the time I walked in the door my family’s dog, Link, was very determined to get someone to take him for a walk. What he’ll do is go jump at your legs, he’s a small jack russell, and he’ll try to almost pull the whole trick where you push someones knee from behind to make them buckle. He kept doing this to my mother and then he’d scurry over to the door, finally he made a jump at me as I was standing next to his leash. My dilemma for whether or not to run was delayed as I volunteered to take him out and around the lake. During my 1.5 mile walk I realized my shin was a little tender, while it has been improving this was a good sign that I should take it easy and just do a body workout instead of a run today.

When I made it back from our walk I grabbed my big tire, 5ft log and axe along with a few stumps for practicing on and headed out into my yard. To start off I knocked out 50 tire flips. After this I went straight to chopping some wood. I spent around 30 minutes just hacking away. Following my 3o minutes of wood splittin’ I went and did another 50 tire flips. Next up I grabbed my log and did 100 lunges, 50 squats, 25 military presses, 25 bicep curls, 35 front squats. Then I placed my log on the ground and did 20 on each side where I would squat with the log held up on one end, when I stood up I would walk to the opposite side and switch the log to my other side and repeat. Also knocked out 100 calf raises and toe raises. Another great workout in less than an hour. What did you do today?

Update: Decided to finish the night off with 100 crunches and 5 minutes of planking. AROOO!!!

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