Death Race Kicks

Just got my new pair of Brooks Cascadia 7’s last night and of course I had to give them a go around today as soon as I made it home from work. These are the shoes that as of now I plan to use while competing in the Death Race. There will be an overall opinion review and more than likely post Death Race I will do a few posts including an overall gear review. On to today’s workout…

I knocked out a good 5.25 miles however I did have to stop at one point due to foot cramps. My guess at this point is it was a combination of being new shoes, and the transition from running in minimalist shoes for 98% of the time over the past year and a half. Hit some good paths, got a little lost in some very dense brush, forced myself to slow down a lot and get low. After my run I did around 250 Calf Raises, 150 Toe Raises, and then I proceeded to make dinner while walking around the kitchen on my tip-toes the entire time I was downstairs. Going to make another attempt at a morning workout…wish me luck, that snooze button is all too tempting. Every. Morning.

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