2013 Death Race Gear and Prep Guide

June 4, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race 1 Comment

Preparing for the Death Race is silly. No, but really, you’ll never truly be prepared. As silly as it is, however, there are a lot of things that are essential to being successful at the Death Race. Proper care of your body is the most important and exceedingly important is the strength and fortitude of … Read More

The Human Death Race Documentary Update

June 3, 2013By Tony MatesiDeath Race, News 2 Comments

Have you seen any of The Human Death Race Documentary updates on the website lately? You HAVEN’T?! The Human Death Race Documentary is capturing all areas of the Death Race. Straight from the documentary description, “Now, for the first time, the thrilling intensity of the annual Death Race is revealed. We examine the psychological process of … Read More