Training Camp Token Challenge: Burpees to Pull-Ups Challenge

October 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

It’s Thursday and we’re still delivering challenges to the racers who will be competing at the Legend of the Death Race Training Camp Nov 9 and 10th to see if they have what it takes to finish the Death Race. We’ll be putting this group of athletes for a strenuous 20+ hour boot camp that … Read More

EPIC Racing Arena – Citizen’s Elect Video Submission

October 15, 2012By Anthony MatesiNews, Workouts No Comments

EPIC Racing Arena, has requested that elite racers wanting to get a leg up in being selected to race in the Elite Races submit a video of themselves performing the following challenge: At a Football field perform 15 pull-ups (for men, 5 for women) then run to the opposite end of the field, go around … Read More

Yesterday’s WOD

April 30, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Yesterday I spread my workout out over the entire course of the day. I had a lot to do so I was basically squeezing in my workout how/where ever I could. Over the course of the day I did 30 Burpess 100 Calf Raises 100 Toe Raises 150 Sit-Ups 200 Penquins – Lay on your … Read More

GoRuck Yourself!!! A St. Patricks Day I’ll Forever Remember

April 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 5 Comments

Yes, this post took me a while to come out with. I wanted to make sure I actually had enough time to sit down and write a well thought out evaluation of what transpired. GoRuck Challenge, for those of you wondering what this event consists of, is developed by Green Beret’s. It is a challenge … Read More

Trail Runs Are My Favorite!

April 9, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

After work today I went on a longer trail run and it was fantastic. Whipping through the trees, dipping, ducking, dodging, and weaving all around its an absolutely amazing feeling that words just cannot do justice. I noticed while I was out that hills are becoming less of a terror… I’ve made it a point … Read More

Workout of the Day 3-27-12

March 27, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Still working on the GoRuck Challenge write-up. I had the Shamrock Shuffle this past weekend which went ok but a shin splint after the first mile made it a bit unpleasant. Anyhow short workout today.   100 Burpees with Medicine Ball (held ball entire time including push-ups) 100 Tap, Twist and Stretch with Sand Bag … Read More

Workout of the Day 3-20-12

March 20, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

I’m in Green Bay right now at a hotel so I utilized what was available in my room. Thankfully there was a sturdy bench for box jumps. 250 Burpees 250 Box Jumps 100 Crunches 50 V-Ups Simple and definitely effective. Now time to go find myself a restaurant with a healthy meal for dinner.

The 1000 Burpee Challenge

March 4, 2012By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, Workouts 1 Comment

This weekend a bunch of crazies like myself headed out to the Winter Death Race in Vermont. I did not attend the WDR but I was monitoring their progress and I must say these athletes are all incredible, congrats to everyone who participated especially those who I have had the pleasure of meeting at previous … Read More

Workout of the Day 2-29-12 Yay Leap Year!

February 29, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Tonight was my first attempt at throwing a memory challenge into the mix. Let’s just say I now know where I need to really focus more of my energy in preparing for the Death Race. I started out the workout with running up and down my stairs in my house. Starting from the top of … Read More

Workout of the Day 2-27-12

February 27, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Spent some quality time knocking out this WOD today. I encourage everyone to give this one a go. Make it your workout for tomorrow. 10 Minute Time Limit: As Many Tire Flips as Possible With Ruck Sack/Weight Vest – I finished 130 flips with 40 lbs in the Ruck Sack 2 Mile Run at Race … Read More