Time to Complete 1000 Burpees

This weekend a bunch of crazies like myself headed out to the Winter Death Race in Vermont. I did not attend the WDR but I was monitoring their progress and I must say these athletes are all incredible, congrats to everyone who participated especially those who I have had the pleasure of meeting at previous races and training events. So why the 1000 Burpee challenge you might ask? The first task for the Winter Death Racers was given by Death Race founder Andy Weinberg, he asked them to give him some burpees…1000, to be exact.

So today I just had to find out how long this would take me to do, I finished in 1hr 48minutes and 51seconds. I cannot say all my burpees were the best form because there were definitely moments that were not pretty, however the last 100 I made sure to execute flawlessly. Around 500 burpees I took a GU gel pack and throughout the entire challenge I drank around 7 or 8 bottles of water. It was quite the experience I can only imagine how the Winter Death Racers felt after everything they had to do AFTER doing their first 1000 burpees. Surprisingly after all the burpees I still had a smile on my face. I look forward to my dance with the madness this summer. AROOO!

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