Tonight was my first attempt at throwing a memory challenge into the mix. Let’s just say I now know where I need to really focus more of my energy in preparing for the Death Race. I started out the workout with running up and down my stairs in my house. Starting from the top of the stairs, going to the bottom and then climbing straight back up to the top counted as one set of stairs. I timed myself to see how fast I could accomplish this, now I probably could have gone a little faster but I think I set a good baseline at 10 minutes and 38 seconds.

Now before I began the rest of my workout I handed my mother a piece of paper with these 21 images on it. I studied the images for maybe 2-3 minutes tops. I then began the rest of my workout which was done utilizing minimum breaks. Less than 30 seconds of rest between each set but most times no rest at all.

  • 15 Handstand Push-Ups – Avoid using the wall as much as you can, it’s a crutch!
  • 20 Wide Grip Pull-Ups
  • 20 One Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
  • 20 Normal Pull-Ups
  • 10 One Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Rows (increase weight)
  • 100 Butterfly Kicks
  • 20 Chin-Ups
  • 10 One Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Rows (increase weight)
  • 8 Dumbbell Curls Standing on Bosu Ball
  • 50 Sit-Ups with Feet Raised
  • 8 Dumbbell Curls Standing on Bosu Ball
  • 15 V-ups
  • 8 Dumbbell Curls Standing on Bosu Ball
  • 30 Side Sit-ups on Each Side
  • 50 Toe Raises
  • 50 Calf Raises
  • 15 Pull-Ups
  • 100 Toe Raises
  • 100 Calf Raises

Now that all that was done it was time for me to try to remember all the images from earlier. It took me a while to get through most of them before I finally accepted defeat, and my punishment. I missed 5 of the pics, the damn butterfly, guitar, lightbulb, apple, and hammer slipped my mind. I asked my mother to give me a number between 1-100 and her response was 52. So I went straight to it and knocked out 52 burpees without stopping and I kept a satisfied grin on my face the entire time. Though I may have failed the memory test today I can know work that much harder at succeeding next round.

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