Citizen's Elect ChallengeEPIC Racing Arena, has requested that elite racers wanting to get a leg up in being selected to race in the Elite Races submit a video of themselves performing the following challenge: At a Football field perform 15 pull-ups (for men, 5 for women) then run to the opposite end of the field, go around the field goal post and sprint back.  Then, immediately drop down and perform 20 burpees when back in the end zone.  After being sick all last week and having terrible rain all weekend I finally made if over to my old high school football field, good ol Glendbard North High School, to attempt putting this video together.

epic racing arena obstacle raceWhen we arrived there was still football practice going on for the junior high school kids.  Thankfully they would be leaving soon.  Once 7:30pm rolled around it took them a little longer to depart than we were told so we tried to wait as patiently as possible for our opportunity to get the video done. As soon as the field was cleared I jumped up onto the soccer net post, yes a soccer net post, they decided to block the field field goal post with a soccer net, I had to make do. My first attempt I finished in 1:42.08.  My father convinced me to give it at least one more try to see if I could beat my time. I went for it.  As I rounded back from running across the field I could tell I was still feeling the effects of being sick. When I finished my burpees I knew I didn’t beat my first attempt. 1:48:10.  After that I was more than satisfied with my first attempt since I would need to go home and still edit and upload the video. You can’t a video without some tunes. So without further ado, I give you my video submission for EPIC Racing Arena.


UPDATE: Voting has begun!!! Please go to this page and click the like button to vote. 🙂

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