While You Went Drinking I Was Late Night Training

February 4, 2012By Tony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Last night I came home from work. ate some chicken, brown rice and broccoli (my go-to healthy meal), and then I laid down and took a 2.5 hour nap to prepare for the night ahead. I woke up around midnight and began preparing everything I would be taking with me for the evening hike. I … Read More

New Domain Live

February 2, 2012By Tony MatesiNews No Comments

I’m excited to announce that the new domain launched successfully today! I’ve transfered everything over from the old wordpress blog and was able to easily import old posts to the new host. I’ll be tweaking the site often. Tonight I will be trying to catch a few more z’s than normal for it is a … Read More

Moving to New Domain!

February 1, 2012By Tony MatesiNews No Comments

Sometime this week I will be transferring over to my new domain. Once I transfer everything over to the new host and domain you will be able to access this blog by visiting www.LegendOfTheDeathRace.com. Stay tuned!

Workout of the Day 2-1-12

February 1, 2012By Tony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Okay first I want to just say this, I love Chicago and I know what that means in regards to how unpredictable our weather tends to be, however, this warm then cold then warm bullshit is really starting to interfere with my training. I went for a nice run tonight which wasn’t too bad I … Read More

Workout of the Day 1-30-12

January 30, 2012By Tony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Got home late from my sisters Regionals Gymnastics Meet, which she rocked out by the way! Had to do a super short workout so I can get to sleep. For time: 1 Mile – 6:59 100 Burpees 1/2 Mile – 3:30 50 Burpees 1/4 Mile – 1:46 25 Burpees Total Time: 29min 30sec Those last … Read More

My Absence

January 29, 2012By Tony MatesiNews No Comments

I know I disappeared for a week basically but unfortunately I came down with a nasty bug that kept me from doing much of anything. I’m fully recovered now and will be back to torturing myself in such splendid ways. I’m really looking forward to training again, being sick left me feeling so worthless every … Read More

Protein Bars Experiment Round 1

January 23, 2012By Tony MatesiNutrition, Recipes No Comments

I found this recipe a few weeks ago and have been wanting to toy with it ever since. I finally got around to making a trip to the store (I hate going grocery shopping, takes too much time away from working out, hehe). I picked up all the things I was missing, wheat germ, flax … Read More

Workout of the Day 1-23-12

January 23, 2012By Tony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Tonight was simple in concept, but proved to be a pretty wicked workout in execution. Warm-up 50 Burpees 50 crunches Workout 10 sets of 10 burpee to wide grip pull ups 3 sets of 8, 10 and 15 reps of alternating bicep curls with increased weight each set 1 set of bicep curls – burnout … Read More

Hiking in Busse Woods: Solo Training Camp

January 22, 2012By Tony MatesiTraining Camps, Workouts 1 Comment

So it ended up being just me, myself, and my rucksack today. Turns out some people were still sleeping or hungover this morning. So I got to Busse Woods and headed out around 9:45am this morning. I packed my slightly smaller rock today, I think it’s around 40lbs or so I’ll have weigh it one … Read More