The Man on the Mountaintop

An Audible Original Drama

Author: Susan Trott

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Quick Summary:

The man on the mountain top is about “Old Man Joe.” He’s a Holy Man who lives in a hermitage. In the summer months, thousands flock to his door seeking his wisdom. Different stories of how he helps them and how he lives his life between the bouts of assisting others in finding their best self provide many life lessons that we all need to hear. If you’re looking for an audiobook that has excellent storytelling featuring a series of self-help anecdotes, this is a great listen to thanks to the cast of voice-actors.

Why Read It?:

It’s one of those extraordinarily simple stories that resonate deeply. If you’re not a fan of self-help books, it may not be something you’ll enjoy, but if you’re a fan of hearing these simple parables, you’ll be delighted. 

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