Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Author: Kamal Ravikant

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Quick Summary:

In Kamal Ravikant’s Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, he shares an elementary life lesson that we all could benefit from immensely. The act and art of loving yourself. In this book, Kamal breaks down a straightforward strategy that is easy to implement and highly effective so long as you practice with diligence and intention. The book begins by explaining the method, the how and the why it is essential to love yourself. In the first section of the book, he shares the vow you must make to love yourself…like your life depends on it. In the second section, he provides a detailed manual that shows you exactly how you can implement the challenging task of loving yourself, making yourself believe it, and turning that act into a discipline. Finally, Kamal, concludes his book with a section devoted to an act of extreme vulnerability by sharing his personal story of why he had to enact this practice to help save himself from himself. 

Why Read It?:

If you want to have the courage to do the things you dream of doing, you have to love yourself. If you’re going to develop the power to conquer obstacles, you have to love yourself enough to make it happen. If you’re going to be able to have a growth mindset so you can develop the wisdom that comes from learning from your failure as well as your successes, you have to love yourself. I would be willing to bet that if I were to ask you this question, “if I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?,” the realization of how long it would take you to name yourself would help you understand WHY you need to read this book. It’s that simple. 

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