Into Thin Air

A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

Author: Jon Krakauer
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Quick Summary:

A detailed retelling of the tragedy on Mt Everest that claimed five lives and left countless others in guilt-ridden disarray. Jon Krakauer's epic account of the May 1996 disaster provides a lot of insight into all the things that went on during one of the worst years in Mt Everest climbing history.

Why Read It?:

For the learning experience that Jon Krakauer goes through as he comes to find out his inaccurate perspective had an immense effect on the lives of many. I found this book to be a very engaging read which actually had me in tears as I climbed Mount Washington off the 90-corridor here in Washington State a few weeks back. The story is one of those tales that will bring you to the realization that when it comes to mountaineering and climbing that no matter how much experience or wisdom you may have shit can still go awry. If you've ever had the curiosity to take on such an adventure I highly recommend giving this book a look before you take the plunge. By knowing what can go wrong, you can better prepare for the unpredictable. Jon Krakauer's story of Everest is riveting and has a great many lessons to learn from.

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