Training Camp Token Challenge: Burpees to Pull-Ups Challenge

October 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

It’s Thursday and we’re still delivering challenges to the racers who will be competing at the Legend of the Death Race Training Camp Nov 9 and 10th to see if they have what it takes to finish the Death Race. We’ll be putting this group of athletes for a strenuous 20+ hour boot camp that … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Man Makers

October 24, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

Continuing the pre Training Camp social media challenges, we are having the racers do some good ol’ Man Makers for this challenge. Just as I was preparing to write the email out to them about their challenge of doing 15 Man Makers there was a post on one of the Facebook Groups from the Death … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Dive Bomber Push-ups

October 23, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

  For Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 the racers have been asked to perform 25 dive bomber push-ups for the pre Training Camps challenges which can help them to earn tokens. Throughout the day they will be uploading videos to YouTube and as they complete them they will earn tokens which will benefit them during the … Read More

Workout of the Day 8-16-12

August 17, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps, Workouts No Comments

Wow…it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these workout of the day posts. Today was one of those days where I had to push through my lactate threshold. I was feeling pretty tight when I hit the trail by my house today. I knocked out a 3.64 mile run. Half way through I … Read More

Yesterday’s WOD

April 30, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Yesterday I spread my workout out over the entire course of the day. I had a lot to do so I was basically squeezing in my workout how/where ever I could. Over the course of the day I did 30 Burpess 100 Calf Raises 100 Toe Raises 150 Sit-Ups 200 Penquins – Lay on your … Read More

GoRuck Yourself!!! A St. Patricks Day I’ll Forever Remember

April 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiRace Reviews 5 Comments

Yes, this post took me a while to come out with. I wanted to make sure I actually had enough time to sit down and write a well thought out evaluation of what transpired. GoRuck Challenge, for those of you wondering what this event consists of, is developed by Green Beret’s. It is a challenge … Read More

2 Pairs of Shoes. 2 Laps. One Trail – Workout of the Day 4-16-12

April 16, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Today I set out to play on another new trail for me, my good friend Jon told me about while I was visiting him for his Marathon this past weekend. The trail is within a 10 minute drive from my house so I headed out as soon as I got home from work. The plan … Read More

Workout of the Day 2-21-12

February 21, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

I had a pretty fantastic workout with the exception of breaking the motor cover on our treadmill. From the looks of it, might be a better investment to simply upgrade this 13 year old machine. We’ll see, for now a temporary fix will have to suffice. Anyway onto the workout. 25 burpee to pull ups … Read More

Workout of the Day 2-20-12

February 20, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

When I got home from work today I realized I forgot to drop of my new prescription I just received from my doctor to help with my shoulder injury I’ve been suffering from for over a month now. DAMMIT! Quick thinking remedied this tedious task that was about to cut into my workout. Solution you … Read More

Active Recovery and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention

February 15, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts 1 Comment

Every day does not need to be an extraordinarily difficult, balls-to-the-wall, superhero workout. Sometimes it’s good to take slow things down, and isolate the areas that need the most attention to prevent any serious injuries from arising. I’ve been nursing a few myself for over a month now. I’ve mentioned my right knee being a … Read More