Wow…it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these workout of the day posts. Today was one of those days where I had to push through my lactate threshold. I was feeling pretty tight when I hit the trail by my house today. I knocked out a 3.64 mile run. Half way through I saw a picnic table. I took this opportunity to do decline push-ups, box jumps (bench and table level), and reverse dips. Using the park bench nearby, I used a combination of my arms and legs to hurdle and turn my way over the bench going in a constant circle in both directions. Then I went straight back to running.

After my run I returned to my house, grabbed the slosh pipe and went to town with it. I did a lap around my block holding the pipe above my head, military pressing, curling, holding it out in front of me and curled. This made for a nice addition to the workout, I moved at a nice shuffle pace. The sloshing adds such a dynamic element to your workout. When I finished the lap I dropped and did pushups with my hands holding onto the slosh pipe. From there I moved onto a sprint workout.

Starting at my house I practiced sprinting at 100% force to the end of the block. It was approx .07 miles. I did this for a half mile worth. I pushed my limits a few times, and found myself sitting on the side of the curb a in between a couple of the sprints. All in all my speed is improving. Did you get out and work it out today? Don’t miss a workout, do whatever it takes to get it in. Missing a workout is like missing a class in college, at the time it seems to be a great idea, but in the end you’ll wish you didn’t.

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