When I got home from work today I realized I forgot to drop of my new prescription I just received from my doctor to help with my shoulder injury I’ve been suffering from for over a month now. DAMMIT! Quick thinking remedied this tedious task that was about to cut into my workout. Solution you ask? Run to the pharmacy, drop off the script, run home. It actually worked out perfect too because when I arrived and dropped off the script I was informed they had to have insurance speak to the doctor because of some sort of regulatory non-sense. No biggie, the doctor gave me some samples to hold me over anyways. So I quickly left and ran back to my house completing a total of 2 miles round trip.

As soon as I got back I headed down into my personal Lifetime Fitness in my basement. As you know I don’t use weights much these days and tonight was no different. I started off by doing 30 burpees. Followed the burpees up with 50 swiss ball sit-ups, another 30 burpees. Then I did some medicine ball single arm switch-up push-ups. At least that’s what I’m calling them. To make this easier on myself I shot a quick YouTube video. I did 3 sets of these, doing 10 push-ups on each side. So one push-up on each side counts as one rep. These push-ups utilize plyometrics and implement a more challenging element to your workouts.

I followed the push-ups with another set of 30 burpees. And to finish the workout I did 50 russian twists with the medicine ball.

Workout Summary:

  • 2 Mile Run
  • 3 sets 30 burpees
  • 50 Swiss Ball sit-ups
  • 3 sets 10 medicine ball switch-up push-ups
  • 50 Russian Twists with medicine ball

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