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Press Release: OCR Warrior Reality Show

First-Ever Mud Run Reality Show Filming in Phoenix

May 2, 2014, Phoenix, AZ – Competitors will clash this Friday night in a head-to-head challenge at Wild Horse Pass on a specially designed 1 mile obstacle course – complete with walls, mud, barbed wire, cargo nets, and even fire – competing for cash, prizes, & fame. Each battle will be captured live by over 30 high definition cameras on the course, and even by a custom drone in the air above the racers to provide a birds-eye view of all the action. Only the strongest and fastest male and female will crush their foes to be crowned OCR Warrior.

OCR Warrior is the first reality show to delve into the world of mud runs and obstacle course races (OCR), made popular by worldwide events such as Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and Spartan Race. In 2014, over 2 million athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes – split 50/50% between male and female – will compete in Mud Runs and Obstacle Course races, an action sport genre that will generate well north of 2 billion dollars this year alone.

“The sport of OCR is the fastest-growing adventure and endurance activity ever. With millions of competitors signing up for these challenging events, Mud Runs have already passed established sports such as triathlon and even marathons – and done so in less than 5 years. The passion that athletes have shown for OCR’s and Mud Runs is really quite staggering.” Says executive producer and series creator, Brett Stewart.

He adds, “I’ve been participating in adventure sports like triathlon and marathons for over a decade, and the moment I participated in my first mud run it changed my perspective on what a real challenge could be – dirty, grueling, competitive, yet extremely fun. We’re capturing all the excitement of these events with OCR Warrior, and millions of viewers will be able to enjoy the sport from their computer and mobile devices worldwide. We strive to expose millions more worldwide to the sport of OCR to have fun, get fit, and fight obesity by getting active!”

OCR Warrior is scheduled for (24) weekly episodes in 2014 that will air for free online and mobile devices from, and starting onMonday, May 15. The series begins filming its first five episodes this Friday, May 3 at Wild Horse Pass Casino in Phoenix, AZ on a course developed by Terrain Mud Run ( The specially-designed course is a modified version of Terrain’s 6-mile course that is open to the public to register and race on Saturday, May 4, and was created to test the athlete’s strength, stamina, and skill over 10+ obstacles before reaching the finish line.

Hosts Brett Stewart and Margaret Schlachter are well-versed on the sport of obstacle racing, both are published authors on the subject and have combined to compete in hundreds of different athletic competitions of all types. Schlachter is an award-winning blogger ( and has a passionate following of female athletes; Stewart is the co-founder of Mud Run Guide, ( the largest independent website in the world for OCR news, events, and tips.

Evan “Rocket” Dollard, a four-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, winner of American Gladiator, and Well-Trained Warrior host has been selected as one of the (4) male competitors that will square off in a head-to-head bracket-style competition, with a $1000 prize purse on the line. Local Phoenix talent will include a husband and wife competing in their own respective events, a Globe HotShot firefighter, and owner of a Mesa OCR training facility.

Contact: Brett Stewart



OCR Warrior, owned by Stewart Media Ventures, All Rights Reserved


Spartan Race on NBC

Vermont Beast, NBC Sports Network, Spartan Beast, Spartan Race, Reebok, Killington

As many of you know by now, [I mean how could you not my entire newsfeed is still crowded with posts about it] the Spartan Race World Championships will be aired on NBC Sports Network. Obstacle Racing Media was one of the first to post after the announcement was made and from there the ripple effect power of social media began. We’re all excited. Everyone has been directed to the Spartan Pages (vote for me 😉 )to create a profile and share their story of how Spartan Race has changed their lives.

It’s amazing how many lives Spartan Race has touched so deeply. We all know the story of Chris Davis, he moved up to Vermont gave up everything and lived on carrots and lettuce for weeks doing whatever madness Joe DeSena may have put him through. He’s come an extraordinarily long way and it’s been beyond inspiring to see him fight and push forward. He’s a motivator, he’s a Spartan.

There are countless stories of Spartan Race changing lives physically, mentally, emotionally. I know countless people who have left their stressful, miserable desk job for something more in tune with what they love. What they are passionate about.  Everyday people are inspiring each other in all the Facebook groups, posting photos from their workouts, providing tips and sharing reviews. You have inspiring stories like that of Michael Mills, the first man to complete a Spartan Race in a wheelchair. The definition of “Never Quit, Never Surrender.” Many of our military have found a place within Spartan Race. This challenging Obstacle Race that draws from the Spartan Code has brought the idea of living a healthy lifestyle and sharing it with a growing inclusive community of extraordinary individuals that together are creating an even better world.

My life in particular has been dramatically changed ever since I discovered Spartan Race. Beyond finding a new sport to participate in competitively, I found some of the most amazing friends in the world. It’s a brilliantly wild community of people who share the same crazy sense of adventure, health and fitness. I’ve traveled the country, seen some of the most interesting rural places that Spartan has taken us. I’ve stayed in nice hotels, slept on floors, in my car, and even directly on the earth atop of Joe’s mountain.  I have more tattoos (read: scars) from my encounters with the barbwire. I went from working a desk job that I really was not happy with, I wasn’t challenged and I wasn’t motivated. After Spartan Race, everything changed. Now I’m enjoying my life. Living it. Breathing it. Loving it.

Recently I’ve been presented with the great opportunity to take what I’ve learned and share the knowledge with my fellow Spartans and future Spartans. REACH: Beyond Fitness is a new training facility featuring Spartan Group X Training taught by myself, Coach Dewayne, and Coach Sarah. You see Spartan Race hasn’t only changed my life in regards to my physical strength and endurance, it’s given me happiness, freedom, excitement, new career opportunities, and so much more. It’s like they said “You’ll know at the finish line.” Ever since my first race I’ve known. Spartan Race continues to change my life daily, it’s a very bright future and I am so thankful for all the people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone, and the opportunities I’ve had.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Spartan Pages. Share your story. In the words of Don Devaney “aspire to inspire.”

Spartan Group X Training – REACH Chicago

For those of you that don’t already know there will be a new fitness training center opening in Chicago in just a few short weeks. Located off the corner of Chicago Ave and Paulina is where you’ll find our new home to get fit, have fun, and live healthy. REACH: Beyond Fitness will offer an entirely new way to train and prepare yourself for Crossfit Games, Boxing, and Obstacle Course Racing.

June 7th I flew out to San Diego to participate in the 2-Day Spartan Group X Training program to become a Spartan Coach. We began our training session bright and early Saturday morning June 8th at 8:00am. The program was directed by Joe DiStefano and let me tell you he not only put on a very informative set of training seminars but he also kicked my ass with all the exercises he put us through. We did about a 1-mile run around the Point Loma Sport Center as part of our “Active Recovery” between one of our training lectures along with a slew of other exercises. We also broke into teams and after learning what we did about SGX and each team had to develop a week of workouts for one of the three phases.

Spartan Group X Training is a program that can be implemented at any gym, bootcamp, and for personal training. The program provided a lot of insight on how to create a training program, how to implement a system that trains at various levels and stages in a person’s fitness endeavors, how to handle nutritional advice, risk management, and other important considerations to take when helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. On top of much of what I already know I was able to take away a lot of new insight and information that will be utilized at REACH to prepare our members for anything they want to tackle whether it is weight loss, improving fitness level, training for the Elite heats at obstacle races and so much more. I could go on an on about what an incredible program this was and how beneficial it is for REACH but why don’t you just come check us out when we open. Follow us on Facebook for updates. Spartan Group X has the motto “Building Better Humans” and that aligns completely with what I believe we can do. Live a better, healthier, more fulfilling life by getting active and breaking through your perceived limitations. You can live the life you want. It’s up to you to do it.

The Human Death Race Documentary Update

Have you seen any of the updates on The Human Death Race Documentary website lately? You HAVEN’T?! The Human Death Race Documentary is capturing all areas of the Death Race. Straight from the documentary description, “Now, for the first time, the thrilling intensity of the annual Death Race is revealed. We examine the psychological process of how fear can be converted into excitement, how the impossible can be transformed into ecstasy, and how a better quality of life can be achieved.” As part of the process of creating this documentary a group of Death Racers, including myself, have been selected to follow and document through everything leading up to the race and taking place at the race.  We have been asked to film clips introducing ourselves and then various shots from our training sessions.  Take a look at some highlights from some of the racers that are being followed by 100th Monkey Productions.

Returning for more action after her first place finish at this Winter’s Death Race, Nele Schulze is coming back for more at this year’s Summer Death Race. I was very impressed with her performance at the Winter Death Race and I am excited to see how she does when we are out there on the mountain this summer. Keep your eyes out for Nele.

winter death race female winner nele schulze

Also returning is, Mark Webb – one of the best “mates” I know – for his 4th appearance at the Death Race, 2nd Summer. Mark and I will be traveling from Manchester, NH together to the race. We’ll be sure to get some great pre-race footage together.

winter death race finisher mark webb

From the land of California comes a friend that I connected with while suffering for over 20 hours with the original “TED the Tire” at last years Death Race, Daren de Heras. He is returning for his 4th Death Race with many others from Team SISU who have become one of those families of obstacle racers that you just feel welcome being part of. Oh ya he’s celebrating his 40th birthday on the mountain with us too. Should make for one hell of a celebration once we get our skulls.

40th birthday Daren de Heras 4th Death Race DR Finisher Peak Races DR

Daren here at WDR 2013 ready to hit the mountain – Pictured right

I am also looking forward to seeing Michelle Roy compete again this years at the Death Race. She is one incredible woman and demonstrated an amazing amount of courage a the Winter Death Race this year. I was absolutely stunned by her ability to face her fears as she battled the frigid waters they were forced to suffer in for hours.

michelle roy spartan death race dan grodinskyThere are many others entering the “danger zone” that you should keep your eyes peeled for as they take on one of the most challenging and grueling races this side of the universe. To keep up to date on these racers and the others head over to the Human Death Race documentary and follow us as we enter the final weeks of preparation for the unknown, the uncertain, and the unforgiving world of the DEATH RACE. It’s almost here. See you all in Pittsfield, VT, I’ll be at the General Store.


Legend of the Death Race – Spring Edition

Leading up to the event I felt something I haven’t felt in a long time, not since I was working full time and attending grad school full time – about two and a half years ago, though it feels like a decade – I was stressed out. Coming back from Colorado I realized how little time was left until my second Legend of the Death Race Adventure Race, a program the started as a grass roots project to give people a simulation of what to expect at the Death Race in a shorter under 24 hour time period. Why was I so stressed though, I had everything ordered that I needed, banners arrived before I even arrived at Marxville Farm, t-shirts were picked up that Monday of the race. Everything was in place except for the marking of the course and I had already figured out at least 80% of the locations and paths – both on trail and off trail – that I would utilize weeks ago. So why after all the preparations was I so panicked? Because sometimes my passion for perfection gets the best of me.

Come Thursday morning around 8:00AM I had finished marking the course and finally was able to lay down and take a nap. Only a few odds and ends needed to be finished before the race began the following evening. The fear and stress started to fade and I set to work on finalizing some of the mind games and watched a few different videos to get me motivated for my role in torturing the racers for the next 24 hours.

After watching some clips from Full Metal Jacket and a other various motivational videos such as Rocky’s training in Rocky IV, I found myself ready to rest. The next 24 hours would be orchestrated chaos. It was glorious. We had 21 registrations, 12 participants showed up and only 4 would go on to finish. But I won’t go into all the details. I’ll let our female finisher, Andé Wegner tell her story.

“I’m bruised, I’m battered….but I’m not broken. Today, I finished the most difficult race I had ever undertaken and became the first woman to ever finish Legend of the Death Race.

A brief rundown of what happened during the race:

  • death race peak dr endurance legend of the death race training campsStarted around 6:30 pm Friday night. First task to fill PVC pipes with mud and water to form a slosh pipe.
  • Chop wood and fill 2 half pallets with the kindling.
death race spartan race peak races dr bear crawls

Rodrigo Velarde, destroying the first bear crawl challenge.

  • Bear crawls thru a 200 meter course in full ruck, repeat 5 times. Any swear words were punished with penalty burpees.
  • Had to complete 500 burpees in 45 mins, as a team. We did not succeed and had to do an additional 250 burpees.
  • Put our rucks on and headed to the trails for 9 pm, had to carry a slosh pipe for every 3 people and couldn’t allow it to touch the ground or penalty burpees would be tacked on. We had to go thru a culvert only about 3 feet in diameter and rushing with water. Tom and my third partner decided to quit after that, so Tom and I had to carry the pipe ourselves with no break – 4 miles hike total to the cub scout camp.
  • Get to camp and have to chop kindling and start a fire. We each had to go into a room and memorize three quotes by Confucious and the word in front of it. We all sat around the fire for a bit, and everyone told their reason of why they were there.
  • 1 hour of PT: 1 min plank followed 100 air squats, repeat a few times. Jumping Jacks for time (I think it was 5-7 minutes), 50 man makers, 1000 crunches, static squats for several mins.
  • Placed with a new team and carried the slosh pipe for another 2 miles to the base of a chapel, dropped the pipe and hiked up to the chapel where we had to memorize one of three bible verses (Revelations 2:10 – “Do not be fearful of what you about to suffer,” is what I chose.
  • Hiked back out to the base of a road and was instructed to put our sand pills totaling 50# into our buckets and carry them 1/2 mile up a steep hill, repeat 3 times, the first time holding it however you wanted, the second holding it out in front, and the third carrying it by the bucket handle.
  • Hiked back to the chapel, and had to recite the bible verse we memorized. Correct answers got 250 burpees. Incorrect answers got extra burpees depending on how bad you screwed it up. I recited mine just fine.
  • Hiked back to the slosh pipes and picked them up. Carried them down to the pond, then stripped down to skivvies and stood in the 40 degree water while passing the pipes over our heads. That went on for 15 mins, and we had to do squats in between breaks. We finished up there with 10 burpees in the water.
  • Ran with our rucks back to the farm (about 2.5 miles) and proceeded to chop wood for 4 hours, filling more pallets with wood. 
  • Put our rucks back on and jogged about 1 mile to a checkpoint. We then had to bear crawl up a hill 3/4 mile and back down, rucks on. 
  • Made it back to the farm, then had to solve a puzzle box ( did mine in less than 1 minute) do jumping burpees for a total of 1 mile.
log roll side roll challenge death race peak dr

Andé Wegner, our first female finisher, almost falling asleep at the log roll challenge.

  • Final task: 6 laps around the first bear crawl course, but we had to log roll. This, above anything, is what DNF’d most of the racers. After every lap 25 tractor tire tire flips had to be done, and then the Confucious quote was dug back out – needed to name the word that was associated with the phrase. I finished around 4 pm Saturday.

A big thanks to my mud brothers Dan and Ian for agreeing to undertake this challenge with me. Your presence helped me more than you’ll ever know. I’m proud of both of you for going as far as you did! 

Nick, John, T.J., Tom, Rodrigo, and Steve – you are all top notch people and I am proud to have raced this with you. Anthony Matesi – great job on putting together an amazing race, and I look forward to racing with you at the DR in June.

You tried, Death, but you did not succeed. Next stop , Death Race where we face off again. I assure you will not go easily.

This was an incredible second event and I cannot even begin to thank everyone who helped and was involved enough. Chad and Lisa are always the most incredible hosts and I cannot thank them enough for all that they do to help me organize and host the Legend of the Death Race Adventure Races. My volunteers this year were just awesome and I could not do it without you so thank you Candie, Matt, Dion and my father Rich. You all helped make the event that much better.

lostnscanned legend of the death race puzzle solving challenge revealIn addition to the support from all the volunteers, I also have to thank our sponsors for their donations, Innerzyme thank you for donating the samples and prizes. ZICO donated a few cases of their delicious coconut water for to keep our athletes and volunteers hydrated. Spartan Energy provided us with the energy boost we need to get through the 20-24 hours of mayhem. I also have to make a shout out to the startup company that I’m working for LostnScanned they provided us with tags to use for our puzzle challenge. Once the puzzle boxes were opened the racers had to have me scan a LostnScanned tag to unveil their next challenge – which was the Burpee Mile – it was a pretty cool tie in and made for a neat way to dictate second to last challenge of the race. Spartan Death Race Finishers of Legend of the Death Race Adventure Race Peak DR Training EventsOnce again we’d like to congratulate our Top Finishers, Nick Monette came out of nowhere like a silent ninja and won the whole thing, taking second was Jonathan Nolan – Founder of the Corn Fed Spartans, Tomasz Boltruczyk took third and we also had our first female finisher who gave us our recap above, Andé Wegner. Congrats again to all of you who participated and pushed your limits. You all inspire with what you do. Keep it up and we’ll see you at the Spartan Death Race. For those of you interested in the Winter Adventure Race, registration is now open. Spring 2014 Registration and new locations will be announced soon so stay tuned.

The Human Death Race Documentary

When I was at the Winter Death Race this year covering for Obstacle Racing Magazine there was a film crew there, they were putting together a documentary about the Death Race. Brandi Knight and her team at 100th Monkey Productions are looking to finish the documentary by revisiting the Death Race again this summer. To finish this documentary they are looking for backers on Kickstarter. They will return to Pittsfield, VT this summer if they make their goal by May 14, 2013. This could be one of the most fascinating documentaries that actually digs into the physique of all the lunatics, myself included, that take on this seemingly impossible race in the mountains of Vermont every year. I ask that all of you who love this sport, and want to know more about the Death Race from a much more gritty and raw perspective to donate what you can to this documentary. I anxiously await the Death Race and cannot wait to host the Legend of the Death Race again this May where we will be breaking people one month before the Death Race to teach them and prepare them for what Joe and Andy have waiting for us in Vermont. I’ll see you out there, and so will Joe and Andy.

Joe and Andy - CoFounders of the Death Race

Joe and Andy – CoFounders of the Death Race

Shoulder Surgery Recovery: Becoming ME Again

November 30th I went into out-patient surgery Downtown, Chicago. Under the care of Dr. Mark Bowen I was given a chance to fix my torn up and beat down shoulder. That shoulder endured a year of torment. Every few weeks there would be a series of races I showed up for, usually they came in spurts. The range of events included Spartan Race, GoRuck, S.E.R.E., Gladiator Assault Challenge and of course the Death Race. After all that racing in this vast variety of rigorous training, racing, and performing all with this one inch tear in my shoulder it was finally time to start over.

torn labrum shoulder surgery repairAfter shoulder surgery I was in an incredibly large amount of pain over the next 2-3 weeks. Numbing the pain was taken care of by my prescription which I avoided using as much as possible. Icing became my favorite activity of the day. It just felt so good every time I iced; I would ice up to 5 times a day. At first I worked from home. Eventually, I had to return to work and had to find a ride to and from. During this time period I was in a sling and was not allowed to move my elbow away from my side. My elbow was, as my doctor put it, “velcro’d to your side.” I was very protective of it the entire duration of my gimp-status.

torn labrum shoulder surgery rotator cuff recovery

My shoulder before the bandages came off.

Six weeks after surgery I started my road to recovery at Athletico in Bloomingdale, IL under the guidance of the best physical therapist I have ever worked with, Alysha. When I arrived at my first session I had not moved my shoulder much at all. The exception of course being all the arm circle pendulums I was doing every day per Dr. Bowen’s guidance. I could barley lift my arm, the muscle so tender and weak from having my labrum repaired and reattached to the bone. My range of motion was very limited, I felt weak and pathetic, barely able to put my own hoodie on and taking it off, even worse.

rotator cuff surgery recovery torn labrum

A selfie of my shoulder before the stitches were removed.

We went straight to work with a regimen of exercises and stretches that built on each other. Every week or two my therapy would evolve, more exercises, increased range of motion, isometrics, heavier weight, higher resistance, it was wonderful. Everyday activities became easier, eating, reaching something in the cabinet, brushing my teeth, all the activities we take for granted became so much more accomplishable. The chance to grow my strength and return to racing grows closer, and I’m hungry for it. After watching the Winter Death Race I felt revived and even more eager to get my shoulder back to normal.

My determination has helped lead me to being a few weeks ahead of schedule. The official day for me to begin adding in more strengthening exercises was Friday, February 22nd. I’m scheduled to conclude necessary therapy on March 14th. Unfortunately, due to the situation I am currently in with my insurance I had to stop seeing Alysha the last week of February. Starting March 1st I switched to at home therapy under the guidance of my mother. We have been utilizing an exercise plan developed by Alysha, she will also see me at least one more time for a consultation to evolve my program.

Every day I get a little bit closer to my goals and its always fun to celebrate small milestones, raising my arm above my head, lifting a 1lb weight straight armed out to my side, a couple weeks back I did a push-up and was ecstatic – there was a celebratory Facebook post even. This week I am up to 4lb weights for my straight arm exercises and I am even able to do 10 burpees now!

I have to say that this has been one of the more difficult life situations and lessons I’ve had to bare. Being hurt, injured, torn away from all that makes you happy, from your passion, your love, it’s painful. In so many ways these past few months have been very interesting. I went from basically not leaving the confines of my home often because I could not drive to earning my freedom to go anywhere again. Every time I reach a new milestone I know I am becoming me again, and that makes it all worth it.

66487_10151593964723132_1802583660_nMy race schedule is starting to be planned out now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am signed up for the Gladiator Assault Challenge again in Geneva, WI on April 13th and hopefully I’ll be ready for that. After that its back to Indiana for a Spartan Race Sprint on April 27th and 28th. The Death Race is coming up fast and I’ll have far less time to train for it this year but like Todd Seldak always says, “training is a crutch.”

I cannot thank Dr. Bowen and Alysha enough for all they have done for me. THANK YOU!

Press Release: Bad Boyz of OCR Calendar

Press Release

January 13, 2013

From: The Unholy Trio of OCR
A few weeks ago Spartan Race released their Spartan Chicks calendar. It was well received but there was a clamoring that could be heard from every corner of North America. “When can we see some hot men in Obstacle Course Racing situations?” Thanks to the magic of the facebook messaging, The Unholy Trio of OCR (Kevin “Mudman” LaPlatney”, Damion from Mudrunfun, and Matt B. Davis) answered the call quickly. They reached out to every hunky man they could find and 14 brave souls put their humility aside and posed for this calendar.

We hope you spend the year enjoying the views as you use this calendar to keep track of all of your training and racing.


obstacle race calendar 2013 men of ocr bad boyz of ocr

Surgery Recovery: Starting Over

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything and for good reason too.  As some of you may know I have had a torn shoulder (labrum) since the beginning of 2012.  Having already signed up for a plethora of races I opted to simply push through and finish.  This year has been a real eye opener for me, I learned that no matter what the circumstances the mind is incredibly powerful.  It’s been quite the ride and I’ve met a lot of inspiring individuals, I’m beyond thankful for everything that has happened in 2012, from completing my Trifecta (Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast), to finishing the Death Race, running my first marathon and being one of the first to race in the Ultra Beast (the first ever marathon distance obstacle race).  The year has been filled with monumental achievements that have only amplified my desire to help others live a happy, healthy, adventurous lifestyle.

Shoulder Surgery Anthony Matesi


Today I find myself starting over. November 30th I went into surgery to have my shoulder repaired by Dr. Mark Bowen.  When I first went to him to have my MRI results examined he was a bit shocked at how bad my shoulder was torn.  I remember him saying to me, “your shoulder is extremely bad for someone your age, no matter what you will need surgery eventually.” As the year progressed I was completely unable to do any standard chest or shoulder exercises. Yes, I chopped wood and climbed walls and competed until almost the very last month before surgery but I could feel my upper body becoming weaker by the day.  We decided together that it was better I have surgery sooner than later.

After surgery Dr. Bowen informed me that it was worse than he thought and just a scope wasn’t enough, he had to perform an full repair.  Thankfully the Doc has assured me that as long as I follow his instructions and care of myself throughout the recovery process I will be back to normal.

shoulder surgery torn labrum full repair

Post Surgery

The first two weeks were very challenging. I was restricted to always wearing a sling and since I’m left-handed I no longer had access to my dominant arm. Eating, drinking, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, everything became a challenge.  It’s amazing how our body allows us to adapt in these situations. After the first two weeks I went in for my follow-up appointment and everything checked out a-okay. Dr. Bowen gave me three to four more weeks of wearing the sling when I go outside and when I sleep, otherwise I just have to keep my elbow metaphorically Velcro’d to my side. Basically I’ve become a partial T-Rex.  It’s all good though every day I continue to do my extremely basic exercises and I can see improvement.

The past few weeks have taken their toll on me however. I’ve found myself feeling very tired, partially due to restless nights and uneventful days. I’ve been working from home which is convenient but very boring when you are by yourself 90% of the time.  I decided today that this lethargic state of being had to be put to rest. I got off my ass, out of my bed and off the couch, took it downstairs to my basement and hopped on the recumbent bike. I knocked out a nice 30 minutes on the bike and then continued on to a short ab and leg workout to get things back in motion.


  • 30 Minutes Recumbent Bike
  • 100 Bosu Ball Air Squats
  • 100 Sit ups
  • 100 Leg Lifts
  • 100 Supermans (with frequent holds)

As expected my endurance is completely shot to hell, but our bodies have an amazing sense of memory. I am confident that with some consistency I will be back to my normal self in no time. The plan for now is to ride the bike often, work the abs, legs, and core as much as possible and start physical therapy in two to three weeks. It’s all about finding a happy medium. I’m feeling very excited that I’m back in action and can already tell that my body is responding very well to the exercise. I expect my energy levels should come back within a week.

This is just another obstacle in the game of life and I’m ready to jump, climb, and tackle it from every direction necessary.  I may be starting over, but that’s okay. It’ll all be worth it. This is just another beginning.


EPIC Racing Arena – Citizen’s Elect Video Submission

Citizen's Elect ChallengeEPIC Racing Arena, has requested that elite racers wanting to get a leg up in being selected to race in the Elite Races submit a video of themselves performing the following challenge: At a Football field perform 15 pull-ups (for men, 5 for women) then run to the opposite end of the field, go around the field goal post and sprint back.  Then, immediately drop down and perform 20 burpees when back in the end zone.  After being sick all last week and having terrible rain all weekend I finally made if over to my old high school football field, good ol Glendbard North High School, to attempt putting this video together.

epic racing arena obstacle raceWhen we arrived there was still football practice going on for the junior high school kids.  Thankfully they would be leaving soon.  Once 7:30pm rolled around it took them a little longer to depart than we were told so we tried to wait as patiently as possible for our opportunity to get the video done. As soon as the field was cleared I jumped up onto the soccer net post, yes a soccer net post, they decided to block the field field goal post with a soccer net, I had to make do. My first attempt I finished in 1:42.08.  My father convinced me to give it at least one more try to see if I could beat my time. I went for it.  As I rounded back from running across the field I could tell I was still feeling the effects of being sick. When I finished my burpees I knew I didn’t beat my first attempt. 1:48:10.  After that I was more than satisfied with my first attempt since I would need to go home and still edit and upload the video. You can’t a video without some tunes. So without further ado, I give you my video submission for EPIC Racing Arena.


UPDATE: Voting has begun!!! Please go to this page and click the like button to vote. 🙂