On Thin Ice:

An Epic Final Quest into the Melting Arctic

Author: Eric Larsen
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Quick Summary:

Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters set out in 2014 on what has very likely to have become the last unaided and unsupported expedition trekking over the ice covering the Arctic to the northernmost point in the world, the North Pole. These two adventurers went out on a mission to set the speed record, but more importantly, they wanted to tell a story about the melting of the northern ice cap. The adventure to get from Canada to the North Pole takes over 50 days away from their family, and Eric's newborn. The struggle of leaving his family at such a crucial time to take on this altruistic yet selfish endeavor is a tale as old as time. Luckily, he lives to tell the tale and to raise his child after succeeding.

Why Read It?:

If you live somewhere where it is really HOT, this book is sure to cool you down. That's a terrible pun, but it's true, this tale of these two explorers going to a place where very few have successfully made it is truly extraordinary. When you read the nailbiting stories of how they survived -60°F temperatures and dips in the arctic ocean, you'll be thankful you're sitting wherever you are. As you dive into their daily routines and learn how these two arctic explorers mentally and physically overcome all the odds that stack against them, you'll see just how far they have to push it to make their dream a possible reality. As you continue to read their tale, you'll see how far they must push their limits and their supplies to make it to the North Pole and you'll feel motivated to get up and go do something outside your comfort zone. Only, whatever you do, it will most certainly be a bit warmer than what they did.

If you like adventure, you'll absolutely love what could become the last tale of a successful trek to the North Pole. To imagine the tremendous amount of courage that it takes to do something like this, maybe you can? I struggle to. Not only is this an incredibly courageous story, but it also serves a higher purpose, the fact is the ice cap is melting, the actuality of another North Pole expedition for adventure goers is no more, our world is changing, rapidly, and only we can do something about it.

Don't miss the last great arctic north expedition, it's a gripping tale.

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