My post has to wait because I refuse to pay for hotel Internet even if my company paid for it. Therefore this post will be delayed until the time I arrive home Thursday evening. Now onto what you’re really here for.

Today I had to catch an early flight out of o’hare to Kansas City to attend a trade show for work. The big question I had was, how can I fit a solid workout on with the show ending at 5pm and following the show is a cocktail reception which I should be at now actually. So I decided to wake up even earlier than necessary to catch my flight. How early? You know 4am when most Saturday night bars close in Chicago. That’s right 4am the alarm went off and I grabbed my clothes got dressed and headed outside. I definitely confused the shit out of my poor dog, Link, this morning.

I went for a quick run but pushed it hard. The knee wasn’t too much of a problem during the run either! Yay for the pain and inflammation supplement I’ve been taking from Innerzyme. So I finished a nice 1.3 mile run around the neighborhood and got home. Apparently my body was feeling good this morning but my lungs hated me. After coughing up a storm I finally was able to get ready and head out.

So after standing for the better half of the day at the trade show in shitty dress shoes on concrete, 5 o’clock finally rolled around. I was anxious to get up here to my room so I can squeeze in a few more exercises before I head down to the reception. A brilliant idea sparked as I approached the elevator and quickly realized it was going to take it’s sweet ass time. Stairs! Woohoo! I quickly found the stairwell and ascended the 15 flights, arrived at my room, jumped outta the nice dress clothes and cranked out 100 pushups. 50 regular, 25 diamond, 25 wide. Not the most intense workout but sufficient for business travel.

I didn’t stop there after the reception I had to go grab my coat so we could head out to dinner….you guessed it another 15 flights of stairs and then later in the evening I challenged a friend, Nicole to running up 28 flights before concluding the evening.  Every day activities can become your workout, it’s simple you just have to refuse to take the lazy way out.

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