A freaking outstanding workout thats what you get! Today I wanted to get some practice in having my ruck with weight on my back while I did my workout. Once I was ready I grabbed my rock and wrapped it in a towel, placed it in my ruck and strapped in. Then I went and grabbed my giant tire courtesy of the Flood Brothers (thanks Billy!) and rolled it downthe block to the retention pond that has basically become the home of most of my workouts. It’s very convenient since its just a big wide open field and really the best place for me to go without having to worry about getting harassed or anything.

As soon as I got to the field it began, I worked out with the tired for a good .75 miles. During that  .75 miles I did a variety of things with the tire I flipped it for a while, dragged, it lifted it while standing inside the tire and then jogging for a short (really short) distance. After a little bit I kind of started to make a series out of it. I would flip the tire ten times, then drag it backwards to where I started and then I would do 10 push-ups with feet on the ground and my hands on the tire. I did about 5 sets of that during this .75 miles with the tire. After dropping the tire off at my house I crawled through the snow in the field for a bit with the ruck on just to get used to that feeling. I finished the workout off with a nice 1.25 mile jog, well it was more like a trot with a few “sprints” (well that’s what we’ll call them) thrown in the mix. Whenever I tried to run with a little speed I made sure I held the rock up so it wouldn’t bounce against my back. All in all it was a great workout. 2miles – 57min

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