You Are a Badass

How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Author: Jen Sincero
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Quick Summary:

In short this is a self help book that really takes a lot of common scenarios that prevent many humans from fulfilling their full potential. Ultimately these scenarios are usually self imposed or created and are merely excuses and the author basically tries to slap you straight with verbally direct actions you need to take in order to take the necessary action to improve your life and how you go about being the badass you know you are, that you can be, and that you’ll become once you start believing it yourself. It’s a self-help book with some attitude, but the good kind, the motivating, let’s make this happen kind.

Why Read It?:

We all need a little pep talk everyone now and then and Jen delivers exactly that in this very direct self help book. If you’re trying to muster up the courage to start your business, join a new sport club, finally learn how to play  a musical instrument, or participate in a Death Race, no matter what if you need a good motivating kickstart, give this one a read or better yet, give it a listen and hear it from the author herself. She’s a good one to hear it from, leaving you with a very authentic delivery of her success formula. Personally, I enjoyed knocking this out during one of my many hikes this year while listening on audiobook. Listening to books on audio has become my favorite way to get a lot of these motivational books as well as the occassional fantasty listen in. I highly recommend using Audible, you can sign up here and get two free audiobooks to start, this has been my key to “reading” more books this year.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Let me know you favorite way to consume a book. Paperback, Hardcover, Audio, Kindle, what’s your pick?

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