Okay first I want to just say this, I love Chicago and I know what that means in regards to how unpredictable our weather tends to be, however, this warm then cold then warm bullshit is really starting to interfere with my training. I went for a nice run tonight which wasn’t too bad I mixed it up between running on asphalt and grass but when I got to the trail I like to run I had to be smart and turn away. The damn ground is one giant ice patch with bumps a plenty. Not safe to even try to navigate across. I’d rather run through snow. I’m done venting.

gettin' down and dirty

So tonight I completed a nice 4 mile run pace was average nothing special did some sprint intervals for about 1.75 miles. The rest of the time I maintained a steady pace. My knee is acting up more than I thought it would be by now. The plan for now is to continue icing and doing rehab exercises for it, if it gets worse I’ll have to consider seeing a doc but so far its not at that point.

After the run I grabbed my big tire an strapped two ropes to it, dragged it all the way through the retention pond down the block from my house. About 3/4 of the way across I hit a nasty mud patch, started slipping a bit. I then turned around and finished up with one arm flips of the tire back to my house alternating arms. Made for a fun evening.  Time to crash into my pillow head first. To all good night

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