Training Camp Token Challenge: Dips and Pull-Ups Challenge

November 1, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

We gave the participants a few days to rest over the weekend and then a few more mainly because I was trashed form the long weekend of racing. As we near the training camp I presented them with the challenge of completing 100 Dips by 11:59 PM CST on 10-31-12 and 50 Pull-Ups in under … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Burpees to Pull-Ups Challenge

October 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

It’s Thursday and we’re still delivering challenges to the racers who will be competing at the Legend of the Death Race Training Camp Nov 9 and 10th to see if they have what it takes to finish the Death Race. We’ll be putting this group of athletes for a strenuous 20+ hour boot camp that … Read More

EPIC Racing Arena – Citizen’s Elect Video Submission

October 15, 2012By Anthony MatesiNews, Workouts No Comments

EPIC Racing Arena, has requested that elite racers wanting to get a leg up in being selected to race in the Elite Races submit a video of themselves performing the following challenge: At a Football field perform 15 pull-ups (for men, 5 for women) then run to the opposite end of the field, go around … Read More

Workout of the Day 1-23-12

January 23, 2012By Anthony MatesiWorkouts No Comments

Tonight was simple in concept, but proved to be a pretty wicked workout in execution. Warm-up 50 Burpees 50 crunches Workout 10 sets of 10 burpee to wide grip pull ups 3 sets of 8, 10 and 15 reps of alternating bicep curls with increased weight each set 1 set of bicep curls – burnout … Read More