Legend of the Death Race Year 2: Part 9 – Down with the Sickness

April 8, 2014By Anthony MatesiDeath Race No Comments

There I was in the middle of the forest on the other side of Bloodroot Mountain, sweating, nauseous, exhausted, hadn’t slept in over 48 hours and I had just spent 15-20 minutes vomiting up every last bit of nutrients I had left in me. What’s happening to me? I need to rehydrate and refuel to … Read More

Legend of the Death Race Year 2: Part 4 – Ready, Get Set…..

January 9, 2014By Anthony MatesiDeath Race, Story 1 Comment

Running down the staircase, yes, the one we just built not even a few hours earlier was absolutely exhilarating. Seeing the variety of boulders we’d placed and dug into the mountainside to create this new pathway leading us from the bottom to the top was a thing of beauty. In my head, I could already … Read More

Legend of the Death Race – Spring Edition

May 16, 2013By Anthony MatesiNews 1 Comment

Leading up to the event I felt something I haven’t felt in a long time, not since I was working full time and attending grad school full time – about two and a half years ago, though it feels like a decade – I was stressed out. Coming back from Colorado I realized how little … Read More