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Workout of the Day 8-16-12

Wow…it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these workout of the day posts. Today was one of those days where I had to push through my lactate threshold. I was feeling pretty tight when I hit the trail by my house today. I knocked out a 3.64 mile run. Half way through I saw a picnic table. I took this opportunity to do decline push-ups, box jumps (bench and table level), and reverse dips. Using the park bench nearby, I used a combination of my arms and legs to hurdle and turn my way over the bench going in a constant circle in both directions. Then I went straight back to running.

After my run I returned to my house, grabbed the slosh pipe and went to town with it. I did a lap around my block holding the pipe above my head, military pressing, curling, holding it out in front of me and curled. This made for a nice addition to the workout, I moved at a nice shuffle pace. The sloshing adds such a dynamic element to your workout. When I finished the lap I dropped and did pushups with my hands holding onto the slosh pipe. From there I moved onto a sprint workout.

Starting at my house I practiced sprinting at 100% force to the end of the block. It was approx .07 miles. I did this for a half mile worth. I pushed my limits a few times, and found myself sitting on the side of the curb a in between a couple of the sprints. All in all my speed is improving. Did you get out and work it out today? Don’t miss a workout, do whatever it takes to get it in. Missing a workout is like missing a class in college, at the time it seems to be a great idea, but in the end you’ll wish you didn’t.

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Training Camps for Death Race Prep Workouts


Workout of the Day 2-21-12

I had a pretty fantastic workout with the exception of breaking the motor cover on our treadmill. From the looks of it, might be a better investment to simply upgrade this 13 year old machine. We’ll see, for now a temporary fix will have to suffice. Anyway onto the workout.

  • 25 burpee to pull ups
  • 10 series – started these back in my gymnastics days. Hold a hollow hold for 10 seconds, without letting your feet touch the ground next do 10 v-ups, back to hollow hold 10 secs, then 10 knees-up chest-up (crunchies as some prefer), another 10 second hollow hold, followed by 10 sit-ups with feet off the ground, and finish it off with one last 10 second hollow hold. Your feet and shoulder blades should not touch the ground during the holds and you are not to rest until you complete the series. I suggest working up to this by starting with reducing everything to 5’s or 7’s and go up from there.

    Proper Technique for Hollow Hold

  • 25 burpee pull ups
  • 2 minute plank
  • 8-8-8s dumbell bicep curls – use a lower weight for these, first do 8 reps going from 0 degrees (arms bent to shoulders) to 90 degrees. Then 8 reps from 180 degrees (arms straight by side) to 90 degrees. Finish with 8 reps from 180 degrees to 0 degrees (full bicep curl).
  • 50 Russian twist w medicine ball
  • 8-8-8s dumbell bicep curls on bosu ball
  • Run 1 mile. 7:15 pace on treadmill
  • 20 squats with bar on bosu ball – 10 with the bar behind head/10 with the bar in front
  • 50 butterfly kicks lying on back
  • 20 squats with bar on bosu ball – 10 with the bar behind head/10 with the bar in front
  • 25 v-ups
  • 3 sets 10 bicep cable curls

Workout of the Day 1-16-12

Todays workout was short and sweet since I got home late from work. I opted for a 20 minute speed workout. The sequence is as follows:

  • 50 burpee to tuck jumps
  • 100 sit ups
  • 50 bodyweight squats
  • Circuit Series: each exercise in order for 3 sets
    • 10 Tricep Pull downs
    • 20 jumping lunges
    • 10 medicine ball push-ups
  • 100 bicycle sit-ups
  • 150 push-ups
    • 50 wide
    • 50 close
    • 50 standard

I have a few minor injuries that I’ve been nursing for awhile now so I’m picking and choosing my battles. Over the weekend I received a package from my friend Katie. She has this supplement company Innerzyme that provides nutrients to help athletes stay healthy and improve recovery. Whether its digestive support you need or joint health they’ve got your back! Katie sent me the Pain and Inflammation blend since that’s what I always seem to need help with, ha! I will be testing this over the next few weeks and will give you all a review once I’ve had taken it for a while and can properly evaluate it. Check out the site and  facebook page for more info.

Perfect Night for a Run

Today was unbelievable. When I left my office for the day to head home I was stunned by the beauty of the sky and by how perfect the weather was.  It was a nice 54 degrees when I left for my home. The entire 45 minute drive flew by thankfully. One thing that stood out during the drive was this constant desire to just jump outside and start running.  The feeling came over me much as if it were a tidal wave grabbing everything in its path.

As soon as I made it home I did not delay getting changed and ready to run. So here’s how it went down. I took off and started a slow jog while waiting for runkeeper to kick in.  The sounds of Foster the People – Helena Beat got me running at a perfect starting pace. I ran around 2.15 miles before I dropped down and did 30 push-ups. From here I did a series of sprints each approx 0.2 miles in length. After each sprint I did a different exercise in between which began with the push-ups. So it went like this:

  • 2.15 Miles
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 0.2 Mile Sprint
  • 50 Walking Lunges
  • 0.2 Mile Sprint
  • 2 Minute Plank Hold
  • 0.1 Mile Sprint

To conclude I grabbed one of my smaller logs and did half a mile light job alternating between holding the log straight armed directly above my head from one arm to the other.  Towards the last segment I did a series of french curls, chest presses, and military presses, still jogging. Dropped the log off and went off on another almost half mile fast paced run. All in all it was a great workout.