Giveaway: Spartan Race Sprint at Miller Park

The Spartans are bringing Obstacle Racing to Miller Park in Wisconsin. Β The Stadium Series is set to hit the home of the Milwaukee Brewers September 7th. I have Free Entry for ONE to the Miller Park Spartan Race. All you have to do is enter below. You can tweet daily for extra entries. Who’s going to win a free race and join me with the rest of the Corn Fed Spartans this September?


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  1. I drank the Spartan Kool Aid for the first time this year, and am a bit hooked! I am looking forward to the Super in July, Miller park, and would love to get a Trifecta in with the Beast….gulp!

  2. Never ran at this race specifically and love running elite heat πŸ™‚ love pushing used to the limits and past

  3. CMAJEFF I would like this offer because it will allow me more opportunities to run with te CFS family which has motivated me to get off the couch and lose weight. I have lost 115# so far, I will continue to succeed with races like this!

  4. Thanks for putting this together LOTDR!!
    I am already signed up for this race – it’s being held in the best state ever at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers – how could any miss it? The only reason I’m registering to win is because if I win the entry, I would love to raffle it off with 100% of the proceeds going the the Corn Fed Spartans Charity – All For Hope!

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