6/6/18 – Obstacle Racing Media – Episode 300

2/10/15 –Obstacle Dominator – Episode 53

7/29/12 – Daily Herald

7/29/12 – ABC 7 Chicago

4/23/12 – Daily Herald

Matt Davis interviews Morgan and I about our trials at the Death Race. It’s a great podcast and even had a guest call in from Todd!

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Listen to internet radio with Matt BX Davis Runs on Blog Talk Radio

ABC 7 Chicago Morning News segment about the Spartan Death Race.

The Death Race Panda requested that I do 15 Man Makers for making a joke about his “family” on the Death Race Facebook Group.  I responded with video proof.

Fourth of July 2012. To celebrate America’s 236th Birthday I did 236 Burpees. Happy 4th!

July 1st A Hurricane-esque Storm Hit The Western Suburbs of Chicago. A tree fell in front of my yard. I cleared it ASAP with my Fiskars.

Workout: Medicine Ball One Arm Push-Up Alternates

Daily Herald did an interview with me prior to the Death Race. This helped me avoid the 12-mile swim we were threatened with that never happened!

Here are the links to the article and photos: