“Suffering is an authentic part of the human experience. But a form of sport? …what motivates someone to test himself like this?” – Joe De Sena, New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of the Death Race and Spartan Race

In the Green Mountains of Vermont, one of the world’s most extreme endurance events pushes racers to their absolute limits. With no defined start or finish, the DEATH RACE strips away all of life’s comforts and forces racers to dig deep to overcome the challenges they will face. In some Death Races, it has taken more than three days before any racer received the infamous plastic skull which designates their success and recognizes them as a finisher.

Now, the former Director of Spartan Endurance, Tony Matesi, shares the legends of past Death Racers to tell the many tales that come from this one-of-a-kind challenge of human potential.

Discover the importance of conquering life’s obstacles in and out of the Death Race by tuning in weekly to these incredible stories of triumph and failure. These legends will not only engage your mind, but will inspire and invigorate your psyche and body as this group of masochistic humans show us that everyone has the power to overcome any of life’s obstacles — and it all begins with having the courage to start.

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