Legend of the Death Race was originally conceived as a blog to hold myself accountable while I trained to participate in my first Death Race. Over the years, this blog has grown into so much more. For a short time, it served as a place to document my adventures in obstacle racing, then it became a 24-hour adventure race of its own, and now after all this time it has evolved into the home of a book about having the courage to start, the power to overcome, and the wisdom to learn from your mistakes and successes. With these three virtures you can succeed at anything you want to in life.

In late 2019, we launched the Legend of the Death Race Podcast to share the legends of all the other Death Racers to give a glimpse of what it takes to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Take a look around and you'll find a curated collection of obstacle and endurance related information throughout the blog that includes, gear reviews, race reviews, workouts, and personal stories and accounts of pushing beyond our perceived limitations.

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews! Keep them coming on Amazon and Goodreads. ☺️If you've read the book I would greatly appreciate hearing your reviews! To leave a review on Amazon please visit https://amzn.to/3d7ZafgTo leave a review on Goodreads please visit https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51132373-legend-of-the-death-race

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We All Have Our Demons, This Is How I Fought Mine with Courage, Power, and Wisdom.

My first year going up against the Death Race it was all about having the Courage to start.
Entering my second year I had finally restored some of my Power after recovering from a shoulder surgery.
In my third and final year, I conquered the Death Race by utilizing all the Wisdom I gained over the years.

Read the entire story of my three years going up against the Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont.
The tale is has recently been published as fully revised and edited edition and is available in Hardover, Parperback, ebook, and soon audiobook.
To read the fully unedited format you can do so here on this blog or by selecting a year to read below.


Learn from my experience, read the blog.
Learn from other's experience, check out "legendary" books on topics of Courage, Power, and Wisdom. Join the book club.

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