Legend of the Death Race – Spring Edition

May 16, 2013By Anthony MatesiNews 1 Comment

Leading up to the event I felt something I haven’t felt in a long time, not since I was working full time and attending grad school full time – about two and a half years ago, though it feels like a decade – I was stressed out. Coming back from Colorado I realized how little … Read More

The First LotDR Training Camp

November 19, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

The very first Training Camp is over. It’s been just over a week now since it concluded. It was an incredible experience that I am still trying to digest. I won’t say much about it other than I am very thankful to everyone who helped making it possible. Chad Weberg, was an incredible sport and … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Dips and Pull-Ups Challenge

November 1, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

We gave the participants a few days to rest over the weekend and then a few more mainly because I was trashed form the long weekend of racing. As we near the training camp I presented them with the challenge of completing 100 Dips by 11:59 PM CST on 10-31-12 and 50 Pull-Ups in under … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Burpees to Pull-Ups Challenge

October 25, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

It’s Thursday and we’re still delivering challenges to the racers who will be competing at the Legend of the Death Race Training Camp Nov 9 and 10th to see if they have what it takes to finish the Death Race. We’ll be putting this group of athletes for a strenuous 20+ hour boot camp that … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Man Makers

October 24, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

Continuing the pre Training Camp social media challenges, we are having the racers do some good ol’ Man Makers for this challenge. Just as I was preparing to write the email out to them about their challenge of doing 15 Man Makers there was a post on one of the Facebook Groups from the Death … Read More

Training Camp Token Challenge: Dive Bomber Push-ups

October 23, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps No Comments

  For Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 the racers have been asked to perform 25 dive bomber push-ups for the pre Training Camps challenges which can help them to earn tokens. Throughout the day they will be uploading videos to YouTube and as they complete them they will earn tokens which will benefit them during the … Read More

Giveaway: Training Camp Entry

October 22, 2012By Anthony MatesiGiveaways, Training Camps 1 Comment

One of my favorite people out there in the world of Obstacle Races has decided to make a very generous offer. We mentioned this offer awhile back on the Facebook page, and we said we would wait until we had 500 “likes” to host this giveaway. Well that actually happened some time about a week … Read More

Training Camp: Earning Tokens

October 22, 2012By Anthony MatesiTraining Camps 2 Comments

This week begins the final planning stages for the Legend of the Death Race Training Camp. With that we have begun the Social Media Challenge portion of the event. Participants have been asked to create videos with specific challenges announced to them each day. They received their first challenge last night via an email that was … Read More

News Update: Getting Back to the Obstacle Races

September 12, 2012By Anthony MatesiNews No Comments

Since the Death Race I have been on a bit of an adventure/obstacle race hiatus with the exception of that pitiful excuse for a race in Downtown Chicago, Mud Wars, and a few visits to Dirt Runner to help them build and test run Illinois’ first permanent obstacle course training park.  That all changes for the … Read More